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Cruising the Russian Rivers of Volga Nevi, Svir

The nation of Russia has had a long association with its numerous rivers. River travel has been a central feature of the Russian people. The greatest of the Russian Cities have their foundation closely connected with the rivers, and most of them are located at the banks of a river. Moscow is located at the point at which the Rivers Moskva and the Neglina, St Peters burg and Novgorod are on the Volhov. Nizhniy Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Uglich and Kostroma are located at the banks of the Volga.

The Volga is the considered the greatest Russian River. At approximately 3, 700 kilometers ( 2, 300 ) miles, it is Europe’s longest River, and it is possible to navigate the entire length of the Volga. Volga influenced the foundation of several settlements and their development. The Volga was used as a trade route all along Russia in the ancient times. It has been instrumental in giving rise to a whole lot of trading posts, ports, fortresses, and towns during the middle ages.

Russian River Cruises

Cruising through the Russian waterways, the rivers Volga, Nevi, Svir, Moskva and their tributaries are an immensely rewarding experience. Experiencing Russia through its waterways is a grand trip through the sights, the onion domes of magnificent monuments, the landmarks, the palaces of the long gone czars, all this and more. This is something that seeing Russia from the land can not give you. On the banks of the River Volga, one can find exotic flora and fauna in the way of pelicans, flamingoes, lotuses and many more.

It is possible to cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow, and to several other cities. The cruises halt at several locations from where it is possible to see rural life, astoundingly beautiful landscapes, elusive villages, monasteries and churches. The rivers pass through the very center, the heart of the cities and it is the perfect way to explore the culture, lifestyle and a whole lot of modern, ancient and historical monuments. Some amazing architecture will also greet you eyes plus some beautiful nature.

Most of cruise ships that traverse the Russian waterways are 3 star rated. There are also quite a few more luxurious options if you prefer them. Russian River Cruises goes on between May to September, as the Rivers are frozen over rest of the year. These ships are not enabled to break through ice. Also if you depart from late June and thereafter, it will be possible to experience the land of the midnight sun, St Petersburg is placed quite far in the north and the sun never really sets here in entirety. It you choose a departure in September, it will be rather cold, but the southern parts have a chance of some later summer sunrays, and the autumn season goes on, and the leaves turn golden.

Volga Russian Rivers

In the duration of the cruise, an onboard guide will accompany you and instruct you on the history and other points on interest.  There are about an average of 250 or less passengers in a typical cruise.  These ships have a range of facilities including shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, libraries, lounges and medical facilities; many have hairstylists and even cinemas. There are outside state rooms that provide facilities like refrigerators, radios, television and air conditioning. Russian and Ukrainian songs and dances are held in the traditional ways on board, and serve excellent fare like blinis caviar and champagne.

St Petersburg to Moscow Cruise

A cruse from St Petersburg to Moscow lasts for about 11 days generally and  includes one to two days harbored in St Petersburg. The port at St Petersburg is really beautiful. Various attractions like the Royal Square, Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum which houses some splendid works of art and sculptures, which are some of the best in the world.  The Russian ballet and opera is renowned and a visit here makes for a truly memorable experience.  On the way, several halts are made, including Goritzy,where some local farms and homes can be visited, Kizhi, where you can see the splendid 22 domed Transfiguration Church, and Uglich, where the Tsarevich palace is located. Last stop is Moscow for about three to four nights where you can see the Kremlin, Red Square and a lot more.

Moscow Cruise

Moscow to Astrakhan Cruise

This is a rather off beat cruise, and is a very inique experience. The Moscow Astrakhan cruise travels to the south from Moscow and goes to Astrakhan which is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea.  Astrakhan was once the  gateway to India and Persia.

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