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Cruise the River Nile

A cruise down the river Nile is one of the most satisfying journeys you can ever undertake. A cruise on this river is known to have mystical properties. The Nile has been the lifeline of Egypt for thousands of years. Few ways can match a cruise on the Nile in the exploration of the illustrious history of Egypt.

The river has been inseparable from Egypt for thousands of years. Most cruises halt at all the important cities Egypt has to offer. Most cruises have vast spaces of oceans and seas, with the next point of attraction only at the next port. However, a cruise down the Nile will leave you mesmerized with a range of sights. The next point of attraction could be just around the bend.

Cruise the river nile

The pleasures of this cruise are simple and rustic in nature. Little has changed in Egyptian cities in the last couple of centuries.

Besides the simplicity of the pleasures, the grandeur of the Pyramids too cannot be matched. The Cairo Museum, Valley of the Kings, and the Sphinx are included in most tour itineraries. The ancient temples and sites line the banks of the river.

Cairo Museum
Get a glimpse into the pharaonic antiquities of Egypt. Despite the chartered flights that reach the southern regions of Egypt, a trip through the Nile will always be popular. The temples and tombs located along the banks of the river demand to be explored.

Combine the cruise with a stay in Luxor or Cairo. El Gouna and Sharm El Sheikh are two popular resorts near the Red Sea. Do not shy away from creating your own tour itinerary.

Sharm El Sheikh resort
Cruising has its own advantages. With cruising, you avoid the stop and go feature of land and air tours. The antiquities along the banks of the river have been a part of Egypt for thousands of years. One such feature is the mud-brick homes of the Egyptians. Also, do not be surprised to witness wooden plows and donkeys being used as a means to travel. Watching 5000 years of civilization from the comfort of your deck is the most fascinating aspect of the cruise. I do not think travelers can ask for anything more.

The most common cruises last for three to seven nights. The shorter tours include Luxor and Aswan, while the longer ones include Dendera.

The Nile cruiser is often called the floating hotel. Some of the larger boats are equipped with swimming pools, hot tubs, night clubs, and restaurants. Some even include library services. The size of the rooms depends on your budget, so make a wise move. Some rooms even have an attached suite. Luxurious cruises have the feature of cameras enabling you to view the countryside from the comfort of your television.

Private baths, cocktail parties, and belly dancers are restricted to the upscale and larger boats. Enjoy sumptuous, buffet style meals on board most cruises. The cuisine is a blend of the local and international.

The tours suit every budget and have something for everyone. This is because of the fierce competition between tour operators.

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