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Enjoy The Isolation On Saint Helena Island

It was beautiful and warm sunrise which made the morning pleasant. It is always a pleasant feeling to watch the early sunrise but this one was too different from the ones which I have experienced; a morning in the mid sea with gallon and gallons of water all around beneath the blue clear sky. The ship was tearing the water so soft making its way towards an unknown destination.

Well it was too different experience for me. Disgusted with the my hectic life in metropolitan I had decided to just walk away somewhere far, where no one could associate me with anything, where I will be stranger and I don’t have to care for anyone. It was not that I was running away I just wanted a break. But this time I had decided I don’t want to land in any city where people are just walking with the hands of clock.

Saint Helena Island

It was then I had decided to have voyage on cruise. I selected South Atlantic Ocean mainly because of the Saint Helena Island. Well known as isolated island it is a volcanic eruption in the South Atlantic Ocean. Possessing the area of forty seven sq km it is one of the second oldest colonies of British overseas territory.

Surviving with a history of almost five hundred years the island was discovered by the native of Portuguese which was christened by the name of Saint Helena of Constantinople. Being ruled under the English monarchy system the island was given on lease to East India Company for governing the entire island. It was the decision of British administration to utilize it for exile purpose. It is notably known for the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

With a population of almost four thousand, Saint Helena Island possess two museums which are highly famous for tourism and are the biggest tourist attraction. Out of which one is Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile centre called as Longwood museum. This house flashes all the memorials of Napoleon Bonaparte. And the second one is known as The Museum of Saint Helena is also a famous attraction among the tourist. Situated at the foot of Jacob’s ladder in Jamestown it displays a potpourri of island’s history.

Jacobs ladder

The real fun is when you climb Jacob’s ladder which is sort of staircase that rises from Jamestown to Halfmoon hollow high above. Constructed in 1829 it has 699 steps. It is definitely very high and the moment you look back it is somewhat great feeling. But the people who are scared of height should avoid the climb. Being a adventurous person I just loved the scenario. And especially it looks just amazing in the night when the lights are lit on the staircase. It is as if the road to heaven is been lit.

Well a span of day that cruise had allotted us we got the opportunity to visit the national parks of the island which beautifies its looks. One of the parks which are named as the central peaks that protects few of the rare floras on the central ridges.  There are numerous species that are found only in the Saint Helena. On other hand there is a Sandy bay that sounds funny as there is no special beach on the island. Located at the bottom of the deep ravines this cuts from the islands interior to the coast.

English being the main language there won’t be any problem for communication. Blessed with the mild tropical climate a year round you may get some amazing sightseeing on the trip. The cruise usually takes care of the entire trip throughout the day.

Life being slow and paced down it is great atmosphere to spend some time with yourself and nature. Walk barefoot on the grasslands of the island and feel the relaxation.

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