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All about Spain river Cruises

Come to Spain and Portugal and enjoy the river cruises here with a lot of exciting experiences and beautiful delights. If you are planning an extravagant cruise then you have this and more in tours to Spain so bask in the pleasures of sailing here and enjoy your extended voyage. Book a dream cruise and have all the fun, pampering and relaxation in cruses in Spain and Portugal.

There are river cruises which take you on a tour of 10 days and take you through the beautiful landscapes of Spain and give you a glimpse of the multicultural heritage of the region.

There is a cruise company called the Viking river Cruise which has in fact announced that it would organize a great river cruise in 2013 and it will be a never before experience. This cruise over the River of Gold is a great experience. During the 10 day cruise you would be taken around the lovely River Douro which enchants you with the calm and serene ambience. So as you enjoy the sights of a great monastery in Lisbon, and you would also get the delights of the wooden casks here. Enjoy the baroque mansion in the region of REgua. As you stroll in the lovely city of Salamanca, you would surely love to see the lovely surroundings filled with a great cruise pleasure.

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So this 2013 cruise would offer you a great experience on the River Dourro and the guests coming here would surely love to seep in the lovely ambience of Spain and Portugal. The cites that line the River Dourro also offer the tourists a way of knowing the diverse sights like calm villages and busy cities. There are beautiful historic castles and lovely palaces which fill this cruise tour with great sights.

The Portugal’s River of Gold cruise is another important cruise that starts from Lisbon which is the capital of Portugal. It is one of the oldest cities of the world and gives the tourists great pleasures of entertainment and shopping . Bairro is one place where tourists have the best kind of entertainment. Here is where you would get to see the Jeronimos and the Belem Tower which are two very important UNESCO World heritage sites and which have proved to be perennial favorites of those who come here on a cruise. Then you would stop in Coimbra and enjoy the sights here too. Then you would go to Porto which is the place where you get the best expanse of vineyards and as you halt in Bitetos you would surely get enchanted by the entire ambience. Pinhao is another halt where all the tourists are introduced to the lovely culture of Portugal and you would get to see a lovely folk music show. Then at Lamego you would get to see the lovely Sanctuary of Our Lady. Barc D’Alva is another pace where you would halt to enjoy the delicious wines of Qunita do Seixo.

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Thus this cruise which goes around Salamanca docks finally at the Vega de Teron. Here you would go around the village of Castelo Rodrigo. Then the cruise comes back to Regua before finally halting at Porto.

All the guests in this cruise travel in the lovely ship which is the newest and the most innovative in cruises in Portugal and Spain today. There is in fact a floating hotel and has the best interiors with lovely staterooms and French balconies. There is also a sun deck with a Jacuzzi and pool here.

So if you want to embark on a cruise here in 2013  book for yourself in the Viking cruises.

Viking River Cruise is the leader in the cruising line. It gives the best delights on the European Rivers. It has won a lot of awards and has given the world the best services.

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The River Douro in Spain has created a great river valley in the spectacular region of Douro River Valley. Today it is a great World Heritage Site and is a UNESCO site. There are lovely vineyards and lovely farms which are called quintas that cling totally to the sides of the majestic valleys of River Douro. Today it is an inseparable part of the most unspoilt regions of Europe and is major treat to all those who embark on the river cruises.

Enjoy all the cruises in Spain and bask in the pleasures of a great destination.

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