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Chaophraya River Cruises in Bangkok

The Chaophraya River was the reason why the Thai Civilization took birth and has come down from a history that is well known even today. This is a great river of memory and runs through the centre of the Thai Kingdom. This is a cruise that shouldn’t be missed and is along the River on the Chaophraya Princess.

The River Chao Phraya is the main link amongst the people in the kingdom. This is a river that reflects the existence of the civilization and legacy of the Thai culture. The Chao Phraya is respected and is called the River of Reign.

The Chao Phraya Princess Cruise I was constructed in the year 1991. It is around 10 metres wide and 41 metres long. It weighs around 300 tonnes and supports upto 250 passengers. It has two decks with the lower deck being air conditioned and carrying around 120 passengers. The upper deck is open air and has around 130 passengers. The style and traditional blend of design here is so good hat the Thai art seemingly comes alive in these boats. The entire experience is unique, elegant and has a great travel quotient. There is a lot of space for the passengers to walk around and also take photos as personal memories. The toilets are clean and are very well designed. The cruise has strict rules to be followed and also has great safety values and takes care of its passengers well. There are fire extinguishers installed in all parts of the cruise. There are safety floaters that are installed in every seat that is behind the dining table. Experienced chefs prepare the food here and the kitchen is quite modern . There is also an extravagant bar that gives the best cocktails and beverages. If you want to feel romantic then you could make advance reservations.

Chao Phraya River Cruise 1

There are banquet facilities here and you would really love the arrangements that are made for celebrations, weddings and birthday parties. There are seminars and annual p arties too as per your wishes and needs. Come here and enjoy the extravagance of the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise. There is a lot of romance and luxury here with each deck having its own reason to be proud about. The dinner is a good selection of dishes that vary from international foods to Thai styled cuisine. There are appetizers and main dishes and everything is served in a buffet style. There are singers and saxophonists who give you melodious music in the background.

The scenery around is awe inspiring and the simple sights of the religious monasteries and historical structures is enough to give you great travel memories.

Chao Phraya River in Bangkok 1

A typical Chaophraya River Cruise would start with a check in at the River City Pier with a warm welcome.

Then you would be on your seats and would be served a welcome fruit punch and some snacks.

You are given the choice to choose your dishes from the buffet bar. With the accompaniment of jazz songs,

Then you would be taken around to the Summer Palace at Bang Pa-In, the Mahathat temple, the Yai Chaimongkol Temple and many such places. There is something spectacular about the region around River Chao Phraya and it is really a must see in river cruises.

Mahathat temple in Bangkok 1

Enjoy the best of river cruises in the ChaoPhraya River Cruise in Bangkok tours.

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