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Four special days of life in Valletta

Thinking of what a day I spent sometime in Europe’s Valletta city in Malta. I was only heard about this most dramatic harbour in the Mediterranean and today it has been a reality. I am still recollecting the past when my parents woke me up in early morning and said that get ready we are going to rock the city of Valletta. And the list of questions started falling out of my mouth with all the ‘W’ words. And when I asked that how we are going there, my mom said ‘darling we are going by a cruise’. I felt a sudden cooling inside me a kind of pleasure that I have never experienced earlier. I know that cruise traveling always fascinates everyone especially when we flow between the waves of water that surrounds us. And of course, the surroundings nevertheless is the best attraction of the trip.

It was a surprise that my parents gifted me on my 22nd birthday. When we went for the trip and everything happened as the way I thought. Wonderful locations and surroundings, cool water and oh! We were in between the Mediterranean Sea. Amazing feeling, I am not getting any proper words to explain how it was. Valletta is a home to many of the island’s sightseeing attractions and many are linked to the military history of the island and also the Knights of St. John. Well, Malta is well-known for its Neolithic temples which we started exploring one by one. The ruins of these temples are spread throughout the island of Malta.

Valletta Malta
The island of Malta is a well-known tourist destination in Europe. Tourism is the foremost industry of this place and why not when it is offering a very beautiful island and magnificent attractions. Exploring this site is not that expensive so we were very much comfortable that out of budget problem will not occur. Strolling down the streets and the building of the city made me think again and again that how the Roman Empire was. While entering the Grand Harbour in Valletta my heart was started pumping faster as I was about to experience some great wonders. The dramatic beauty of the limestone fortifications and the marvelously restored Pinto Stores that are dated back to late 17th century was first sight what we saw after docking at the port. This first look made us impressed and happy.

port of VallettaThe port of Valletta is on the doorstep of historical Valletta which is a UNESCO World Heritage city. This port welcomes and attracts many tourists around the world. This port welcomes the tourists with food and beverage outlets, shopping outlets and many other services along with the Internet and call centers. After docking at the port firstly we ate something and then book rooms to stay nearby the port. Rested for some hours and then started exploring the city called Valletta within four days. These four days was a package of gift that I was opening one by one.

On the first day we simply stroll around the city walls that boosted our energy as it offers outstanding sights. As the city is a home to majority of the island’s sightseeing attractions, we made it a point that within these four days we will explore as much attractions as possible. Major highlights of this city are Grand Harbour cruise, Grand Master’s Palace, St John’s Co-Cathedral, Hypogeum and Medina. And all these attractions were on the top of the list that we explored within three days. Exploring Medina which is an ancient island capital and is also among the best preserved walled medieval towns of Europe was the best part what I liked a lot. Not only this, all other highlights were simply amazing. The Hypogeum is a 5,000 year old underground temple and is the first port of call for visitors that exposes the Malta’s Neolithic past.

St John’s Co-CathedralWell, the St John’s Co-Cathedral was built by the Knights of St John in the year 1573 so you can realize how much credit this site takes. While exploring these sites we also enjoyed the food of Valletta where a mixture of Italian and Mediterranean restaurants could be found. Maltese restaurants are quite less but we tried the best cuisine which is the speciality snack as Pastizzi and also the national dish which is fenek. To enjoy such charming place I will advice you to visit here during the months of April, May and late September. June and early September brings the hottest climate even though it is cooling by the sea breezes. October to February and January to March are the months when little rainfalls could be experienced that makes the temperature cool. With the cool climate we also enjoyed shopping at this miraculous place.

The Malta region holds 6,300 populations and enjoys the republican government that gained independence from UK in the year 1964. 91 percent of the population here is Roman Catholic and speaks Italian language widely. But the official language here is Maltese and English. The currency used in Malta is Euro. These four days of my life is the best memorable experience that I have enjoyed and when it comes about cruise – the journey becomes a dream. I wish such moments come again and again when I’ll get this type of gift from my loved ones and feel the pleasure for the rest of my life. If such things happen then my rest of the life will pass so easily by thinking all these vibrant moments forever. Well, my best gift will always remain the best. Thanks to my parents.

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