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MV Arabian Sea Cruises in Lakshadweep Islands

Some of the best travel pleasures can be experienced in the waters of the beautiful serene lands in the world. Every tourist would certainly love to be a part of this wonderful travel experience where the best of both land and sea are available. Lakshadweep is one such land that gives you a chance to experience the beauty of nature in full bloom.

Lakshadweep is one of the world’s most fascinating island systems of the tropical kind. Secluded around 220 to 440 kms off the coast of the Indian state of Kerala, this is a land that offers a plethora of culture and ecological systems. This paradise is greatly full of leisure and ecstasy and gives the tourist a chance to experience heavenly attractions.

MV Arabian Sea Cruises
Offering the best scope for water sports like wind surfing, swimming, kayaking and snorkeling, this is a place where any adventure lover would want to come again and again.

Surfing at Lakshadweep Islands
The abundance of marine life makes it a great tourist favourite and it is for all to see how beautiful the land is.

Cruises to Lakshadweep in the MVArabian Sea are always full of excitement, pleasure and luxury. There are island tours organized by the MV Arabian Sea where in you could get to see the best of this island in view. There are five day cruises which include cruises to any of the three islands – the Minicoy, Kalpeni and the Kavaratti. Nights are spent on board the MVArabian Sea and the ship has 2 diamond class, 8 first class and 54 tourist class accommodations. The tour organizes facilities for snorkeling, swimming and other water sport activities.

Minicoy Kalpeni Kavaratti

Then there is another tour in the MVArabian Sea that takes you on a six or seven day tour to the Minicoy islands. Here the tourists are accommodated in the lovely small A/c cottages and other single cottages that dot the beachfront. The journey by the MVArabian Sea is luxurious, comfortable and also relaxed. All facilities are provided for, on board the ship and every tourist and passenger is subjected to a lot of adventure, excitement and travel memories.

Then take part in the cruises organized in a four to seven package deal. This helps you to go by the MV Arabian Sea and enjoy the pleasures of marine life and natural environment. Spend fun filled days on the island and enjoy the pleasures of being in a paradise on earth. Kayaking facilities and snorkeling facilities are made and the tourist is made as comfortable as possible. There is a full fledged water sports institute in Kadmat which helps you to understand the science of water sports better. Besides you can also take part in scuba diving, Para sailing and wind surfing. There are charges for all these and the charges are subject to category, passenger’s requirements and other facilities provided.

Scuba Diving
There are many cruises which head to the capital of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti. Here there are facilities to provide for four or five day tours. One can stay on in the island and enjoy the scuba diving and snorkeling activities here. Swimming is permitted on all the islands and you would surely love to be in this watery Eden. The scuba dive lagoon cruise in the glass bottomed boat is another attraction in such cruises that are provided by the MV Arabian Sea. The tourist huts provide accommodation in the beach front. However for such cruises only 10 seats are available. So make sure you book your seats in advance.

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