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Discover Rome, the eternal city

Civitavecchia functions as a harbor for Rome in Italy. The city is situated approximately at 1 hr 10 mins as Termini Station in Rome by a common commuter train, and more over 45-60 mins from Leonardo da Vinci Airport which is located at Fiumicino, which is a cruise terminal by means of coach transport or a cab.

Rome cruise portDuring the course of Wind Surf’s Marseille-Rome cruise, Civitavecchia is the concluding port. If the ferryboat arrives at 7 am and travelers get off in groupings as per their scheduled flights. All of the guests are asked to leave the ferry boat by 8:30 am so that the squad can get prepared for the cruise which will arrive after that.

Rome has for all times Civitavechia, and to the majority cruisers, it’s merely a turnaround harbor. On the other hand, the city possesses an extended history as well as is consecrated with its allocation of visitor attractions. It’s gateway as well to various other interesting places by the side of the coast, namely the Etruscan tombs, which are located at Tarquinia as well as the thermal baths of La Ficonella. Ferry services to Sardinia sets off from Civitavecchia.

Uncertain about the very old frescoes, as well as Renaissance fountains and also the gorgeous piazzas in the centro storico (commonly known as historic centre) are elements of the few of the must-doo while exploring the streets of Rome. In the previous working-class constituency of Trastevere, breakdown terracotta-hued palazzi as well as snaking alleyways these days act as an abode to a number of cafes as well as restaurants. If you have merely a single day to discover the city, you are required to select from the antique city of Rome on 1 side whereas the Vatican Museum as well as St Peter’s Basilica on the other side of the river Tiber.

Rome Italy Attractions
  • Colosseum

colosseum rome italy

  • Fontana di Trevi (commonly known as Trevi Fountain)
  • Pantheon
  • Foro Romano (commonly known as Roman Forum) and Palatino (commonly known as Palatine)

Foro Romano

  • Musei Vaticani (commonly known as Vatican Museums): take account of the Capella Sistina (commonly known as Sistine Chapel) and Basilica San Pietro (commonly known as St Peter’s Basilica)
  • Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti (commonly known as Spanish Steps)

Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti

  • Galleria Borghese: An art gallery situated in between Villa Borghese Park’s greenery.
Rome Shopping

Clothes, foodstuffs, leather goods, wine as well as antiques are few of the popular must-buys while being in the city. Via Condotti is the majority luxurious shopping avenue across Rome. The shops which are located on Via del Corso proffer more reasonably priced accessories as well as clothes. Via Margutta as well as Via dei Coronari are the most excellent places to look out for antiques. A well-known louse marketplace is also located at Porta Portese in Rome city on mornings of every Sunday.

Eating Out

Don’t forget to taste abbacchio (suckling lamb which is dipped in white wine), cannelloni (basically pasta which is stuffed with spinach, meat, egg as well as cheese) and gnocchi alla romana (also known as semolina dumplings). The ice creams that are found in the city of Rome are a few of the most excellent across the entire world. The distinguished Art Nouveau Giolitti as well as the evenly profligate Gelateria della Palma, both which are located close to the Pantheon, are 2 of the most excellent ice-cream parlors across Rome city.

When to visit

The climate of the city of Rome is typical Mediterranean type and relaxed from between the months of April and June and later from mid-September up to October. The temperature of the city rise during the summer season and conventionally Romans departs the city and moves towards the shoreline, despite the fact that the majority of the tourist-orientated businesses are kept open even during this period.


Italian is the basic language of the city, at the same time English is widely used.


The majority of the total populations of the city are Roman Catholic while you can come across Protestant as well as Muslim minorities.

Social Conventions

Dressing sense in the city is casual however time and again smart. Dress conventionally while you are planning to visit the various religious buildings. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the majority public places. It is for all time additional costly to have food sitting on table than at simply having anything you want while standing at the bar.


It is generally accepted to give 10% of your total bill as a tip if the services have been quite good.

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