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Cruises in Italy

Italy is a very popular destination for cruises and other such pleasures. It is the place where Renaissance took place and therefore you have many activities here. Italy has given the best of poetry, music, architecture, legend, and art to the world. There is no heritage that is more splendid than Italy and the sight of Venice the water bound city is something that remains in the memory for every. There is a kind of luminous art here so experience the pleasures of a lovely land and come back with a memorable expreince.Cruises here include the ones on the River Po and also the beautiful lands of Padua, Ravenna, Verona etc. Cross the country in the enchanting sights of Florence and see how good the city can come alive with its various patrons.

Anyone who loves art, wine, and food would love this food and he experience. You can enjoy the pasta masking workshop in Bologna. There are walking tours of Historic Venice and the cruise along the Grand Canal and enjoy the evenings with San Marcho Basilica.

Cruises in Italy

Venice grew as a lagoon in Adriatic city and there was lot of trade activity here through the middle ages. The citizens had love to lavish their wealth here and everyone gets into a celebration mood. Stand in the Piazza San Marco, and see how well the whole place seems to come alive from. The Palazzo Ducale and the Dog’s palace are along with in the same place. The Palazzo Duclale or the Dog’s palace shows the amount of security and trade were found by rulers of Venice. It has private quarters for the dog and also a council of changers where the top 1000 people used to take political decision and come to a decision.

Then you have the Bridge of Sighs which is a lovely structure and connects the prison with the palace. This is how maybe it also got its name. Then you also have the St. Mark’s Basilica which is a place where the crowds gather for an exclusive opening ceremony. It is not possible to arrange for quarter hour visits in St. Mark’s Basilica. If there are religious functions then we should visit after regular hours.

Palazzo Ducale Hotels Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice italy

Then you have the Scrovegni Chapel and here there are some lovely painted frescoes by Giotoo. These paintings belong to the 1300 and here you would find that Giotto was the only artists who flourished here then. Then you can see the works of Donatello and Mategna who gave the artistry treasure to this part of the world. Take a walking tour here and enjoy your tour around the Basilica Del Santa. This is a place that is a perfect place for all and is a lovely place to be in, during cruises.

Visit Ravenna a very important seaport and is also the Italian capital of the Byzantine Empire. It is mainly celebrated for the lovely mosaics decorating the churches. There is the UNESCO designated Basilica di Sant Applinare and also the mausoleum of Galla Placida. There are many buildings that are covered with lovely designs and mosaics. You can spend the entire afternoon going down the downtown region and discovering the beauty of this lovely region in Italy. Cruises here provide you also with the sight of the fascinating village of brisigheela which is a great place where you can have a good lunch and relax in the tranquil background.

Scrovegni Chapel in Italy Ravenna in Italy

During the cruises you can spend the whole day in Bologna. There are lot of things you can do here, like basking in the beautiful surroundings and enjoying the food here. You would get to taste the Bolognese sauce here and also the best tortellini in the whole world. There are lovely food markets here and Bologna is thus a very preferred cruise halt amongst those whole love going on cruises. There are pasta workshops which help you discover the best of pasta pleasures.

Then you can go to Verona which is a very famous Italian region and is a great centre of trade. Today it has the biggest wine fair and tourists love to see this. With the most fascinating architectural treasures ranging from medieval palaces to the Roman amphitheater this is a beautiful region to visit during cruises here. You have the Piazza d’Erbe the 14th century fountain to see here. You can also stand below Juliet’s balcony just as Romeo did.

Verona Arena in Italy

Explore Venice in your cruises here. Take a vaporettto to Murano and enjoy the glass studios here. Then do not miss a gondola ride. See the Galleries dell’Accademia and experience the pleasures of great Italian masters all in one place. So you would have Tintoretto, titia, Veronese, Tiepolo, Guardi, and Canaletto. Take time also to go around the quiet back lanes here and just come back with a memorable travel kitty.

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