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A Riverboat Gambling Cruise in India

The country of India has placed many restrictions on gambling within their country. However, there are three Indian states in which gambling is permitted. These include Goa, Sikkim and Daman. The state of Goa features several off shore casinos where live poker games can legally be played. Located in Panjim, these river based casinos offer the best poker playing in the country. Three of these floating casinos offer poker. They are the Casino Royale, Casino Carnival and Casino Pride. All three casinos do charge an entry fee. However, for poker players this fee is waived. For this reason, these three floating Indian casinos attract many poker fans.

Riverboat Gambling

Of the three floating casinos in Goa, the Casino Royale is perhaps the most popular. Every two weeks a poker tournament is held. The Casino Royale is the home to two high profile poker tournaments. One of these is the Casino Royale Cup. The other is the Indian Poker Championship which occurs annually in March. The Casino Royale is also one of the venues on the Poker Guru Tour. The primary form of poker played here is no limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, which is the most played at online casinos found in www.androidcasino.com.au. When enough players are present, Casino Royale will offer Pot Limit Omaha Poker. Omaha poker is another version of community poker similar to Texas Hold ‘Em. Therefore, those already familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em can easily transition to playing Omaha. There are of course differences such as getting dealt four cards rather than two as in Texas Hold ‘Em. Two of these cards must be used with three of the community cards on the table to make one’s hand. This means that the chance of having a high ranking hand is much greater in Omaha Poker. For those new to Omaha Poker, they can spend time online or with friends learning the game before visiting the floating Casino Royale.

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