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Suheli Cruises

Suheli is a lovely and fascinating island, located in the Lakshadweep Islands. Cruises to this part of the world are exciting and interesting and filled with a lot of travel delights. A great tourist hub, it is ideally suited for the best travel delights and pleasures. Swimming and fishing are the major activities that are pursued here.

Cruises to Kavaratti islands are not without a trip to Suheli which is easily accessible from Kavaratti. This beautiful fishing haunt in this part of India is located around 47 km to the south west of the Kavaratti Island. Suheli and Pitti are two regions which people normally visit when they are in search of thrilling escapade in the Lakshadweep islands.

Suheli island

With the best surroundings of greenery and ideal blue stretches of water, cruises to Suheli are an experience in themselves and provide ultimate travel pleasures to the people coming in search of great travel memories.

Initially owned by the islanders in Kavaratti, this region later on became a part of Cannanore as a civic punishment. Pitti or Pakshi Pitti as it is known as is a small island in this part of the Lakshadweep with great scenic beauty and ideal bird watching regions. So all nature lovers and bird lovers could head towards Pitti in case they want to feel the ultimate travel luxury. This is where the Tern birds reproduce and this is the land of lovely birds and beautiful sights.

Kavaratti cruise

January to March is the breeding time for the birds and this bird sanctuary here in Pitti is filled with great excitement at this time. The rocky terrain here makes it impossible to land here directly. There is a high storm beach on the northern part of the island. In the year 1965, there was a fierce storm which hit this island rendering the entire coastal shore on the eastern shore with a line of coral boulders. There is a shallow lagoon on the western side which is in the process of getting filled up. This lagoon is the one that prevents boats from entering it. During low tide, there is absolutely no way boats could enter this region. The central portion of the island is a solid substratum, where lime stones have been cut for the purpose of building.

With fertile plains and thick plantations, the ambience here in summer is a little hot so it is preferred to come here at other times. Even if you do visit in the summer season then you could sleep on the cubicles that are placed in the beaches. These cubicles made of cadjan leaves are great shelters in this part of the beautiful islands of Lakshadweep. You can see the line of cubicles when you come to this region.

Suheli is approachable by air or you can also  take the ship route. That is the reason cruises to Suheli are so popular. This island has a banyan reef, which surrounds a lagoon where there are two islands Valiyakara and the Cheriyakara. There are two islets Shastri Dweep and Indira Dweep. Mostly frequented by the islanders of Kavaratti, this lagoon is a great fishing region and an ideal cruise destination for all. Normally people from Amini and Agatti, come here and the island is a great place with the best verdant ambience and ideal travel surroundings.

So this coral atoll Suheli Par in the Lakshadweep Union Territory is a great hub of rich marine fauna and absolutely mesmerizing scenic sights.

Suheli Par in Lakshadweep

The Valiyakara Island in the northern end has beautiful coconut trees dominating the region and is famous for its hermit crabs.

Then there is the Cheiryaka which is smaller than the Valiyakara and has a lighthouse which is an attraction for the tourists.

The Suheli Pitti is a lovely sandbank situated amidst the two islands and was earlier a tern breeding ground.

Suheli cruises thus are filled with lot of fascinating sights and travel pleasures.

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