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Heavenly Escapades with the MV Kavaratti Cruise

India is a beautiful subcontinent surrounded by water on three sides and by land on the fourth. The waters surrounding the Indian peninsula ensure that you get all the opportunities to enjoy some of the best cruises here in this part of the world. In India, the Lakshadweep Islands form the tiniest Indian Territory and is an archipelago having around 12 atolls, 5 submerged banks and 3 reefs. The region is inclusive of the Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Bangaram, Minicoy, Kadmat, and the Agatti islands. The luscious verdant expanse coupled with the absolutely amazing surroundings is enough reason for any tourist to come and visit this place. Enjoy your travel to this island with the best pleasures of going there on those lovely cruises. The turquoise colours of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea dazzle you with their beautiful shining waters. There is a great abundance of flora and fauna here and the absolutely stunning ecosystem is something to be seen to be believed.

The Government of India takes care of the tours and cruises to Lakshadweep through the Government agencies. Normally private entrepreneurship is not allowed. The island is reached by sea or air. The sea cruises are quite popular and most sought out for in travel experiences. The M.V.Kavaratti is the most important ship cruise that leaves for Lakshadweep from the port at Kochi in Kerala in India.

MV Kavaratti Cruise

MV Kavaratti or the Motor Vessel Kavaratti can take around 700 passengers and 200 tonnes of cargo and is an all weather passenger ship. It is the largest passenger vessel in India, the ship has great luxurious facilities with a recreation room, large airspace, a gymnasium, a 100 seater dining hall and a cafeteria. Totally air conditioned this has the best facilities with a doctor, promenade, halls, galleys, a swimming pool and a helipad too.

The passengers going on the MV Kavaratti cruise go on the big ship to the island and then take smaller boats to see the other smaller islands in and around. The Lakshadweep region provides the ideal cruise pleasures for all and has the greatest collection of aquatic creatures for tourists to revel with. The crabs here of an intriguing variety . You can see the pearly white crab and the rock crabs living in the slippery rocks. These rock crabs have the rocks as an ideal cover. The pearly white crabs are seen only during the ebb tide.

Lakshadweep islands are famous for its corals. So as you go in these cruises, see these in abundance and enjoy snorkeling here and have the best rowing pleasures in those glass bottom boats. There are corals here which look like a cactus plant and there are flowers in some of the corals which shine like gems in the night. It is not allowed to touch any object in the marine region whether they are dead or alive. The MV Kavaratti Cruise gives you the pleasures of seeing this national treasure – the corals. All these are not for us to touch or feel. We just have enough and more to capture them on camera and cherish them forever.

The sunset views from the Lakshadweep islands is something that remains etched in the memories of the tourists who comes here and the MV Kavaratti cruise only endorse such emotions.

MV Kavaratti Cruise

So this time when you are planning on a holiday cruise, put MV Kavaratti on the top of your priority list and cruise to your hearts delight to a beautiful land.

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