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River Cruises in France


Cruises from Paris to Avignon are very interesting river cruises in France. It is great to experience it at least once. Once you are taken to the ship docked in Avignon, enjoy the explorations in Rhone River and take a deep breath for an ecstasic experience. Read on to know what each day holds for you.

The second day you would go on a walking tour of Aries and enjoy its architectural elegance. With its vibrance and lively constructions, it is surely a lovely place to visit. See the roman ruins, the Romanesque museum and the Les Arenas here and shop for some interesting knick knacks in this ancient country, which was a historical kingdom of the past.

The third day would have you in Avignon and Viviers where you would love to see this beautiful city Avignon that is also known by the name of “City of Popes.” It is so called due to the existence of seven Popes here from 1309 to 1377. Experience the historical value of this place and then see the palace of Popes on a guided tour. Then of course, you have Viviers, which is a strange town in this mountainous ambience. The Old Town tour is also part of the itinerary here and it is interesting with its Renaissance and Medieval buildings.

River Cruises in France
Then you have Tournon, which is an enthralling French locale and is ideal on river cruises. See the Chaetauneuf sur Isere and marvel at this unique winemaking region in this part of the world. The Musee de Tain L’Hermitage is very popular here and is situated on the oldest house in the region. Enjoying the dining experience here and take back with you a valuable travel kitty.

De Tain L'Hermitage in France Tain L'Hermitage in France

You then have a walking tour of Vienne on the fifth day and a visit to Lyon the next. Burgundy and Beaune follow on the seventh day with Paris and Chalon sur Saone following on the ninth day. The tenth day also is spent marveling at the beauty of Paris the damsel in waiting. Enjoy the full day as well as a half day tour of this enthralling city and see the Eiffel Tower. Then you have the Rosary Museum, the Ecole Militaire, the Latin Quarter and you would have a fair value upto the making. Visit the Louvre in the afternoon and shop in the many boutiques of Paris. You also have a cruise along the Seine and an artist’s tour of Montmartre.

Giverny in France
Then you would to Giverny and Vernon on the tenth day and enjoy the pleasures of taking a short ride around the town where Claude Monet has lived until he died at the age of 96. The charming stone farmhouse and beautiful gardens are the major attractions.

Rouen, Les Andelys, and Conflans follow on consecutive days and as you leave Conflans on the fourteenth day, you would surely have had more than a legendary cruise tale with you. River cruises in France take you down a great memory lane.

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