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Star Clipper Ships – Redefining Sailing Itself

Star Clippers are a company established by the Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Krafft, who launched not one, but two clippers within two years since the company was set up – the Star Clipper and the Star Flyer. These are the first clipper ships that have set sail ever since as far back as nineteen eleven. These clippers hark back to the mighty days of sailing in the nineteenth century, when ships stood tall in the sea, with billowing sails adding to the magnificence. The experience of sailing in a clipper will redefine your idea of sailing itself, as the glorious traditions of sailing is evoked in these high sailing ships. In the year two thousand the Royal Clipper, an admirably ambitious launch, it was the largest clipper that was built after the mighty ‘Preussen’, a German clipper.

Star Clipper ships have a unique brand of cruising on offer that gives the most innovative cruise lines a run for their money. These clippers are a combination of the best comforts you will get in a pampered cruise vacation, plus a dose of sailing tradition. The elegance of the clippers can simply not fail to catch the eye. Star Clippers sail on itineraries on a varied range of destinations, Far East, French Polynesia, the Caribbean and around the Mediterranean.

The Royal Clipper is the largest ship part of the fleet, in fact it is the largest sailing ship in the world. It is also the fastest sailing ship. The gross tonnage is five thousand G R T, and is about four hundred and thirty nine feet long. The open deck area is impressive to say the least, there is an eighteen thousand and nine hundred and forty square feet of area.

There are forty two square sails, and five masts in total, the splendor is almost transfixing. There are three swimming pools aboard. The ship has a capacity of two hundred and twenty eight passengers, with about hundred crew members. There are two three hundred and twenty square feet owner’s suites, fourteen deluxe suites and ninety eight cabins. There are a lot of interior spaces. Transatlantic, Western Mediterranean and Caribbean sailings are on offer.

Star Clipper and Star Flyer are twin ships, both equally classy. These ships are smaller in size, with a Gross tonnage of two thousand two hundred ninety eight G R T, with about a hundred and seventy passengers allowed.

The pace of life is relaxed, with some top notch dining and bars, plus some excellent entertainment.

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