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Voyage Through The Sand: Cruising To Cairo

Voyage Through The Sand: Cruising To Cairo
Bon Voyage! With Louise Vinton bags packed with my luggage, we went on to the Voyage on to the Cairo. As per the plan trip we had to take a cruise ship from Port Said. It was a day trip to Cairo, the capital of Egypt; the distance was some what 160 km i.e. 100 miles south.  With some and history and geography that I learned in my school days I can tell you about Port Said. It is on the Mediterranean coast, on the Suez Canal. Today it is a place of elite and wealthy people who come in summer for its popular resorts. Port Said has distinctive architecture and some old grand houses. Well as we started through the Cruise, we were mostly on deck, basking the scorching sun and applying the sun blocks. Wearing hats and sun glasses we all enjoyed gliding through as we reached Cairo. As we entered  [...] 

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