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Don’t forget to try bouillabaisse during your cruise to Marseille

Marseille is a highly spiced, antique and moreover exotic city of French that has for almost 2000 yrs served as a harbor. Marseille acts as a gateway for all the cruisers who are willing to explore Provence. The southern region of France does offer number of attractions to the one who is visiting the city.

The most important draw card of Marseilla Provence is Vieux Port. It is the charming old harbor, scattered with fishing yachts and enjoyment craft, as well as encircled with restaurants as well as boutiques and the miscellaneous people that build up this attractive enriching melting pot.

Cruise ships come in at de la Joliette, a popular waterfront acknowledged as La Port Autonome de Marseille. The terminal has every part of the services as well as placates travelers could desire, which includes shops, transportation links as well as visitor information. The neighborhood in the region of the terminal has an industrialized nature as well as is of modest awareness to travelers.


Marseille is regarded as the third largest city across France. It is the oldest city in the country as well. Marseilla was established by the Phoenicians somewhere around 600BC, after that it was been developed by the subsequent Romans as a post for trading, before increasing in the region of the money-making port as well as the local business, soap (the renowned ‘savon de Marseille’) during the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Once tarnished for the rate of crime in the city and coarse edges, Marseille has of late cleaned up it’s perform. Even though it has vanished nothing of its nature, and is an outstanding cruise seaport, attracting a number of ships every year.

It’s flourishing music as well as fashion industries, which attracts a fashionable young mass, and moreover it is an energetic, busy city.

Marseille Sightseeing

The Greeks (acknowledged the city as Massalia) utilized the city of Marseille as a base for their Rhône Valley’s immigration. In the present day, it is considered the majority significant commercial harbor in France on the Mediterranean Sea, and proffers the journey ship traveler an affluent sightseeing understanding. Its significant forts, amongst them Château d’If, one of the mainly tarnished of the remarkable island of France, castle made by the renowned Dumas inside the Count of Monte Cristo, are few of the many most important highlights.

Marseille Tourist Attractions
  • The hilltop church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde
  • Vieux Port (commonly known as Old Port)
  • Musée d’Histoire (commonly known as History Museum)
  • Hospice de la Vieille Charité (commonly known as Old Charity Hospital)

Hospice de la Vieille Charité

  • Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation (extremely significant modernist lodging)
  • Château d’If

chateau d'if

Marseille Shopping

Sail into Marseille and find out santons (nativity figures), Provençal handicrafts, navettes (orange-flavored biscuits having the shape of boat), Provençal herbs, soap, Marseillottes (chocolate biscuits having almond as well as orange peel), as well as cloths which features vibrantly colored Provençal patterns.

Eating Out

Do not forget to try out the bouillabaisse, also the classic Marseillaise fish soup. It is completely only one of its kind, and absolutely luscious. If not, the city is to be found in the area of Provence as well as distinctive local food includes ample of olives, garlic, tomatoes as well as appetizing vegetables like peppers as well as courgettes.

When to visit

Marseille city is located on the Mediterranean coastline so the place is extremely temperate during the summer season and hardly ever chilly in the winter season. Light clothes are just right at the majority times across the year.


French language is spoken by the maximum population, where as English is also spoken in a number of areas.


The greater parts of the total population of the city are Roman Catholics where you will also come across minorities such as Protestant, as well as Muslim, also the Jewish. There are many people in the city who have no faith.

Social Conventions

Shaking hands as well as additional informally, kissing on either cheeks, are the normal varieties of salutation. The type of individual address is merely Monsieur else Madame with no surname as well as it might require moment to acquire on initial name language.


About 12% to 15% service charges are in general included additional in the bills at the various hotels, as well as restaurants and also bars, even though it is expected to leave little change along with the bill charges.

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