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Concrete Work Begins on the Panama Canal Expansion Project

One of the most significant phases of the Panama Canal Expansion Project has recently begun. The concrete layering for the new series of lock sites at the Atlantic and the Pacific sides has started, crossing a major milestone in the construction.

The Grupo Unidos Por el Canal S. A. or the (GUPCSA) is the contractor managing the project. The contractor begun pouring concrete at both the lock sites last March, so that the surface is leveled to prepare for the permanent concrete laying.

On the Atlantic side, at Gatun, the upper chamber floor was shaped by the GUPSCA by pouring structural marine concrete.

Concrete work in Panama Canal Expansion Project

The dedicated industrial frame work into which the concrete was poured, contained a substantial amount of rebar, or steel rods or bars used in reinforcing concrete. This gave an ultimate shape to the hundred cu m cubes that made up the lock floor.

On the Pacific side of things as well, pouring of concrete has begun, and a pit for the first among the three lock tunnels or crossunders. The electricity and communication wires as well as potable water pipelines and operating components will be carried by pipes and trays via these crossunders. There will be 3 crossunders each per set of locks.

The work at both Atlantic and Pacific sites are taking place overseen by the Panama Canal Authority personnel. In total, the new lock sets will entail concrete more than 4.8 million cubic m.

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