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Lakshadweep Cruises

One of the most popular cruise destinations of Asia is the Lakshadweep Islands and Lakshadweep cruises here are quite a favourite amongst tourists coming to this part of the world. These islands are like beautiful emeralds in the lovely expanse of the magnificent blue of the ocean. Come to this lovely land of tropics where you would get the most beautiful views and where you have the best archipelago conveniently and fascinatingly tucked away in the coastal regions of Malabar in Kerala. This archipelago has more than can be imagined kind of marine treasures and spans over around 36 islands in this lovely land of around 32 square kilometers.

Lakshadweep Cruises
While here in Lakshadweep cruises there are many packages for all the tourists coming to this part of the world. So enjoy the Samudram package which is a five day cruise that heads to Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kalpeni. The MV Kavaratti is a cruise liner that takes all the tourists around these islands. The nights are spent by these travelers on ship. There are around 76 Gold Class Accommodations, 100 Diamond Class facilities available on board. The tourists can enjoy themselves with the pleasures of this cruise and also take part in the water sports activities like scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and angling. The total charges for such cruises ranges around Rs. 20,000 per adult and Rs. 14,000 per child.

Lakshadweep Cruises scuba diving
The Coral Reef Package is also a five day tour. This is on board the MV Tippu and it again has the Kalpeni, Kavaratti and Minicoy as its destinations. The starting point is Cochin and it reaches the island in the morning. One can stay overnight in the ship and can go around the place the following day to have some good sightseeing in the island and also to engage oneself in the water activities like sea bathing, snorkeling and swimming. Also it is important that the tourists understand that they have to come back to the ship by evening so that they can go to the next island. Night is spent on board the ship and the islands are visited in this manner till the ship comes back to Cochin. This cruise is not without its share of thrill and adventure and provides all the excitement to the fascinated tourists.

The Marine Wealth Awareness Package is another cruise that provides absolute entertainment and excitement for all the tourists visiting this island beauty. The cruise takes you to the Kadmat Beach Resort and has around five days of total exotic views and memorable travels. All the water sports lovers would find this a heaven as this is where you have the Water Sports Institute providing you with great experiences. So one can parasail, dive and snorkel here at leisure and the cruise is very comfortable and a great experience.

Kadmat Beach Resort
Then there is the six day Taratashi Package which takes the tourist to Kavaratti Islands to the Paradise Island Huts. There are facilities for water sports like scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and many other interesting activities. Then there are lagoon cruises which ensure that the tourist gets maximum pleasures. The ship has air conditioned cabins which provide lot of travel luxury and then of course there are the lovely cottages on the islands which give another kind of travel pleasure.

Kavaratti island Paradise Island Huts

The Swaying Palm Package is another interesting sojourn here on the Lakshadweep cruises which takes you around the best surroundings of the Minicoy islands. The private tourist cottages here on the beachfront .Visit the local monuments here and also go boating.

Minicoy islands

You can choose from any of these cruises to have a ball of an adventure.

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