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Cruises in Australia and New Zealand


Australia and New Zealand are both wonderful destinations for cruises. Here you can truly feel the delights of a wonderful destination.

Cruises here are of many types. There is the Australian tour that starts with your being received at the airport at Cairns. Then you will be taken to the hotel. The next morning you would go to see the Great Barrier Reef in a high speed catamaran. Here you can enjoy the pleasures of snorkelling followed by lunch. The next day you would go to see the magnificent Ayers Rock. There is a visit to the Uluru National park in the afternoon followed by a trip to Mt. Olga. After a stay overnight here at the Ayers Rock, you will go on a campfire tour the next morning. Enjoy your breakfast and get closer to the aboriginal culture here. The cruise continues by taking you to Sydney, which is a fantastic city to visit. See the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and you will have the full day to go round the city after which the cruise ends.

Australia Cruises
The Australian Outback tour too takes you around the remote areas here. The sights of beautiful landscapes, an exotic wildlife, and amazing native cultures are highlights of this tour. Enjoy your visits to the World Heritage Sites here. The lovely underwater colours of the Great Barrier Reef against the setting sun are something that would remain in your memories forever. Enjoy tours round the wonderful Kakadu national park, a world renowned UNESCO World Heritage site, filled with wildlife and such pleasures.

Kakadu National Park in Australia
Yet another cruise tour is the Tropical Australia Highlights Cruise, which takes you around Sydney. Discover Sydney by night and day and enjoy its legendary culture. Also, enjoy the fascinating Daintree Rainforest and come back with valuable memories.

Daintree Rainforest in Australia
Thus cruises in Australia are many and it is upto you to choose a tour of your choice.

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