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Cruise to Port Blair


The simple ambience the scenic delight, the beautiful surroundings of cruises to Port Blair in Asia are so mesmerizing that they put you on a heavenly tour of this beautiful land in Andaman Nicobar Islands. With groves of coconut trees dominating the river banks, the cruises are extremely interesting and exciting.

The first day on a cruise to Port Blair from Kolkata starts with the ship lifting anchor. The Hooghly water though murky is a pleasure to be in. The ship has facilities for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. So there is a bed tea and an evening tea. The quietness of the sea, the calmness of the sky and the beauty of Mother Nature is what makes tours here very interesting.

Cruise to Port Blair

As you cruise along the Andaman Sea, you will be able to see dolphins frolicking in the beautiful sea. North Andamans is visible in a far distance. As the sunset sights mesmerize the tourists, the hues of red, orange and violet in the sky are something to be captured for ever.

The fourth day is a day filled with adventurous delights and beautiful experiences as land is sighted finally after an eternity. Small islands filled with palm trees and enchanting vegetation are seen in the distance. The ship provides all the facilities. So you can avail of all the luxuries in the ship whether it is the laundry or the restaurant.

Dolphins Frolicking in Port Blair

Chatham Island is the land that is mostly always seen in the distance. You would also cross the Chatham Wharf and then then Haddoo Wharf. This is the wharf where normally all the ships berth.

Chatham Island

Cruise tours to Port Blair from Kolkata are unique and enthralling. There is a certain charm to the whole place. There are many cruises, going to Port Blair, which pass thorough this region. Take a choice and enjoy the group of musicians who would be on board entertaining you.

Thus cruises here are very awe inspiring and always memorable.

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