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Cruise Pleasures in the River Seine

Paris is the dreamĀ  destination for so many people and provides the tourists with the best fantasies of a great land. Anyone who comes here gets enchanted by the sight of the river Seine and would never miss a chance to embark on a river cruise here.

Cruises in the River Seine are filled with the best kind of boat delights and give you the best tour delights. A cruise on the River Seine takes you around the heart of the city. The boats are all elegant and glass covered giving you the facility of enjoying to the maximum. They are operational throughout the year and everyone gets great and memorable views on cruises like this. These boats give the best tour pleasures and return to the Quai Branly which is very near the Eiffel Tower Then there are the Vedettes de Paris boats which also charter the tourists across to the other side of the river. Then you have the Batobus which stops at nine monuments lying along the river. You have the Paris Sightseeing Cruise, the Seine Lunch Cruise, the Seine Dinner Cruise and the Batobus tour pleasures in river cruise experiences here.

River cruise seine

So discover Paris like never before in a different manner and treat yourself to this visual delight in one of those sightseeing cruises. Get to see the best as the cruise starts from the Eiffel Tower and follows the river past the lovely structures like the Musee d’Orsay, the Invalides, the Notre Dame and take a tour of the Town Hall, the Place de la Concorde, and the Louvre. As you come back to the Eiffel Tower you would surely thank yourself for embarking on this unforgettable way of enjoying tours in this part of the world. This is a wonderful cruise that is sure to give you the best experiences.

These cruises normally run every half hour between 10 in the morning to 10.30 in the night in the summer months of April to September. If you want a combination sightseeing cruise then you could avail of that too and avail of a snack or a pasta and enjoy the lovely cruise delights in this part of Paris. This is a great way if you have the munchies with you and want to try one of those aperitif cruise. So you could combine cruising pleasures with culinary delights.

River cruises in france seine

These cruises normally depart every 45 minutes from 11 in the morning and close over at around 8 in the evening .

The Seine cruises are the best way to relax and combine the haute cuisine and give the best opportunities for sightseeing and give you the chance to listen to good music. Enjoy the gourmet lunch here as you go down the River Seine on one of those luxury boats and bask in the ambience of lovely river cruises.

The lunch cruises are found all through the year and provide you with unique ways of enjoying the lovely scenery around. As you look at the sights around you,, you would get totally enconsced in an area of beautiful sights and the loveliest travel memories. These cruises provide sometimes a musical tribute to the French singers and give you an enchanting experience of the best kind of cruising pleasures and boat experiences.

River cruises in cruise experience

There is the dinner cruise in River Seine which helps you to get closer to nature and enjoy tours in Paris. As you glide under the bridges, the orchestra only compliments your mood andĀ  gives you ideal ways of enjoying a travel to Paris. With the best of wine served and the most special food given , cruises in River Seine are perhaps a dream come true for most visitors. Visit this lovely land of beautiful language, lovely culture and the most fascinating tour experiences and bask in the delight of another land filled with the best travel quotient.

The Batobus pass is another way of enjoying tours here. So take one of those passes and travel across the city after a river cruise. These are some of the ways you can make your travels to Paris interesting.

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