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Hong Kong: A real paradise

Hong Kong is among most exciting destinations in the world. It is a colorful, flourishing mixture of ancient Eastern culture and Western modernization. If we date back to the some 5,000 years ago, then we will realize that the Chinese history and their traditions are still alive which is covered with 150 years of British colonial power. British surrendered to China in the year 1997 and then the city remained as a free-market zone. Residents even today referred to the border of mainland China and for that reason visitor who comes from the West have got to obtain tourist visas so that they can cross the border of China. These need a photo and usually all these take some three days for the procedure.

Simply, it is very hard to compete with Hong Kong in terms of cultural diversity, architectural modernism, infrastructure and cosmopolitan restlessness. Hong Kong is also among the liveliest commercial hubs in the entire world. It is the leading deep water harbor in over all Asia, a fact that was witnessed by many cargo vessels that usually carries watches, textiles and many other manufactured goods to other countries. It is a unique shopping destination, especially for the cruise passengers who get pleasure from shopping. Most of the shops are within the short walking distance of the inspiring Ocean Terminal and do bargains to get things at cheaper rate.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong geographically, is a collection of three major districts. The Kowloon Peninsula accommodates the most popular outdoor markets in the city, the fashionable shops in the golden mile of Nathan Road and also the busy, tourist-friendly Tsim Sha Tsui area. While linking Kowloon to the mainland China you will get the scenic New Hong Kong IslandTerritories that includes fascinating intricate temples and woodlands. The island of Hong Kong comprises the financial district of the city and is located transversely at the Victoria Harbour. The Hong Kong Island that offers concrete forest is a stunning beauty that draws attentions of most of the tourists from around the world. It is the combination of striking skyscrapers position next to the green slopes of Victoria Peak.

Well, when coming by cruise I enjoyed a wonderful trip by experiencing such a beauty of the nature. Hong Kong is a real beauty which can be said not less that a heaven. When we docked at the Port of Hong Kong which is located at the South China Sea, we took a glance at the surrounding from the port and truly the sights are simply breathtaking. I was wondering if the sights from the port could be found amazing then how will be its nearby or the city’s attractions. And without taking a single breath I said to my friends that ‘it is a brilliant, magnificent and a great place to visit’. This port is among the busiest ports in the world that handled shipping movements, cargo and passengers.

Right after we docked at the port we first arranged our accommodation and when it comes about Hong Kong, it is a major business and tourist centre that has plenty of hotels ranging from medium budgets to the luxurious one. We accommodate a room that suites our pocket and any way we were not there to stay and sleep but to explore the city. So it’s better to book a medium budget room that could give us shelter. After taking rest, we went to explore the city’s attractions and we haven’t planned for it as the entire city is a set of major attractions. We went on and on strolling on the street and explored the attractions. The harbour view offers amazing architectural boom of the 1980s and 1990s where a mixture of Manhattan and San Francisco could be experienced. Experiencing the nightlife of Hong Kong is the best unforgettable moment that I spent in six days. The sparkling lights of the Peak, dazzling towers and all the sightseeing attractions are unpredictable and are simply superb.

The major highlights that we have experienced there are Ocean Park, Miu Fat Monastery, Fishing villages like Aberdeen, Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, Night markets, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Museum of History, Ngong Ping 360 cable car and Disneyland Hong Kong. Try shopping at Tsimshatsui, Stanley Market, Western Market, Temple Street and IFC Mall where handicrafts, tea, jade, tea and electrical items could be bought. Also we enjoyed the cuisine of Hong Kong where Chinese food is the speciality. Try the most popular Dim Sum, Cha siu bao and Zhian Jing in Hong Kong.

victoria peak
We went there during spring. Well, the best time to visit Hong Kong is during winter and early spring when the climate will remain mild and fresh. Summers could be experienced in the month of May when hot and frequent wet makes summer pleasing. The currency of this place is Hong Kong Dollar and its language is Chinese and English. Population of this place is 6,985,000 and enjoys People’s Republic government. The majority of the religion in Hong Kong is officially Atheistic but if we consider the stated religions and philosophies then it is Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. Also a huge amount of Muslims, Protestants and Roman Catholics could be found here. So make your holidays best in the world popular Hong Kong where people simply love to visit such a magnificent wonderland again and again.

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