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Exciting European Tours in Mediterranean Cruises


Nothing could be better than spending your time during your vacation in one of those lovely cruises in Europe. This year too there are many European cruises in the Mediterranean.

A European cruise is really a heavenly and enchanting experience so do make sure that you be a part of the Mediterranean Cruise which  truly showcases the culture and the history of the entire Western World. The sights here are intriguing and the beauty is stunning and lovely. With the best pictures of the idyllic surroundings here, the European cities seem to come alive here and the facilities of the beautiful resort areas on the coastlines are an added experience. Nothing is more beautiful than the beauty of the Mediterranean region so cruises here are a great feast for the eyes.

So go on these cruises which take you along the coastlines of Italy, France and Spain and also the Greek Islands. When you are on a Mediterranean route, get to see the best of architecture and art and also enjoy the delicious food of these regions including the best wine. Enjoy this sophisticated, chic and fashionable locale in this part of the world. Cruising the Mediterranean is normally done in two locales – the Western Mediterranean Cruise and the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise.

The Western Mediterranean Cruise normally cruises along the southern coast of France, Spain and Italy and these normally end in Rome or Barcelona. Then you have the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise which passes the area of Greece, Italy, Turkey and also the Adriatic which normally leaves from Venice, Athens or Rome and comes back to the same place.

Mediterranean Cruises

The main point of a Mediterranean cruise is Italy and of course Venice where the cruise experience is totally filled with the pleasures of going around in the gondola here.. Enjoy the gondola rides on the Grand Canal. Visit Murano the beautiful town and see the beauty of the hand blown Venetian glass which is very famous here.

Go down the Amalfi Coast in Naples and get closer to the Pompeii ruins here and get to see the lovely artistic works of the Renaissance period. There are tours which take you around the City of Rome and which get you to get to see the sights of the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and the unbelievable fresco ceiling of Michelangelo.

In these cruises you would reach France where you would get enchanted by the Monte Carlo which is actually amongst the richest towns in the world. With the beautiful landscapes and the Grand Casino, this is one place that is very popular and famous in this part of the world.

Then there is the Las Ramblas in Barcelona which is a very popular walking area in Europe. Also visit the Picasso Museum which is another landmark destination here while you are on a Mediterranean cruise.

Picasso Museum
Normally Kusadasi in Turkey is the place where you depart for tours to the ancient Ephesus ruins and so every trip that you make to Istanbul should be inclusive of a visit to the Blue Mosque. Make sure you have the time for shopping in the big bazaars here which are popular across the world.

There are also cruise itineraries which help you to enjoy the Greek Islands which give you the charm and colour of the beautiful Santorini villages and also Mykonos. There are many small villages with beautiful medieval streets with the most fascinating ruins and the most gorgeous beaches which are famous in Corfu, katakalon, Rhodes etc.

Greek Islands Cruise

The Mediterranean Cruise takes you to the greatest seaside regions here. There are many one way itineraries that take you to the most popular ports where you can spend an overnight stay and explore the places in the city you land. All the major cities like Venice, Athens, Rome, Naples, Florence, Marseille, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Kusadasi, Gibraltar, Istanbul etc have the best facilities of a port so you could take those one way cruises and enjoy the pleasures of sightseeing both on land and in water.

The Greek Islands are great for cruising and these depart from Athens and you would have a stop in Kusadasi as these two countries are very closely linked to each other. There is another itinerary which is inclusive of all the ports in the Black Sea region. Normally in Istanbul cruises the ports are Constanta, Odessa and Yalta.

Mediterranean Cruises have a favorable weather all through the year.

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