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Cruise with National Geographic to explore the Galapagos Islands


Tortoise and Turtles, I love these creatures. God has made them like a legacy, a legend and bequest them with such a long life. That’s what I love about them, that they out live humans! I have at my home Singapore Turtles, not as pet or I didn’t bought them before you get PETA at my home. A man was selling them; I just rescued those cute wiggles. I just love them! Have named them as Jack and Rose, and they are in cute turtle tub and I let them loose to explore the home at their leisure. Want them to grow up and then will leave them in natural habitat, they are not my pet but a companion that have touched my wildlife side.

That was meant to arouse you with all the curiosity, with just two turtles I was so escalated then just imagine, how berserk and happy I must have gone when I went on to Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos islandsExploring Galapagos Island is not some beach resort holiday or vacationing in luxurious cruise or even having some extravagant holiday, with attractions and sightseeing. Galapagos Island also known as “Land of Darwin” is a marvel, a gem island and reverie for all wildlife lover for this island is a natural habitat for some of the world’s interesting and unique and unusual animals, birds and flora. The place can be termed as Paradise, for all wild life lover, for this is the place where animals have not learned to fear human and such a diversity that is absolutely remarkable and incredible which is very significant and noteworthy. Composed almost exclusively of volcanic rock, the Galapagos Islands are from the Pacific Ocean 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. Known as Land of Darwin coz, it was here that Darwin, was able to give his Darwinism theory- of Survival of fittest- this island gave the perfect conditions to formulate his evolutionary theory: “that far from the ravages of the continents, life evolved into a strange sub-world of specialized creatures who adapted to their harsh environment in an amazing variety of ways.”

And for such a place, I think the best is National Geographic exploration which they do in partnership of Lindblad Expeditions, for the fascinating travel of Galapagos Islands, from geographical and wildlife perspective.

Galapagos islands cruise national geographic

National Geographic and Lindbald Expeditions, together offer such intimate exploration cruise that gave me the opportunity to encounter the Galapagos Island, up close and discover the discovered. Well planned itinerary and the hallmark of the expedition are:

  • Naturalist- including undersea specialist, specialized knowledge
  • Expedition leaders who pointed out intricacies of wildlife of Galapagos Islands
  • Both Naturalists and Expedition leaders provide immense resource of knowledge, information and guide you will along the cruise, exploration and in this whole expdetion.
  • High tech exploration equipment- example video microscope, Splash Cam that is underwater video, Video Chronicler, glass bottom boat, kayaks, Zodiac Landing craft, excellent snorkeling gears, all this is truly recommendable.
  • Ship Physician along with wellness center/ Fitness center and floating massage center.

The ship is not luxurious with any kind of nightlife or topless shows, but definitely a intimate and posh, it has quiet rich collection of books in library and lavish observatory space on decks and so well designed for active exploration. The ship is fully air conditioned and has slide shows and presentations about wildlife and nature.

One remarkable and notable thing was the cruise was for all, anyone who loves wildlife and nature is welcome, age no bar and moreover the way even people participate in this captivating exploration is mind blowing. The expedition leaders are very well expert and set pace for demanding walker, and also for rewarding experience for strollers. The main character of the whole expedition was getting some new experience and enjoy daily and not a single moment will pass that you may say that you got bore.

One of the guests summed up the cruise as “People might wear their wealth with jewels on another luxury vacation, but on a National Geographic/Lindblad cruise, guests are more apt to show off their intellect.”

What I loved the most about Galapagos cruise:
  • World unto itself- with its distinctive terrain and wildlife
  • 13 species of Darwin Finches
  • Galapagos Patriarchal Tortoise- I loved seeing them- so big and huge like giant!

galapagos islands tortoises

  • Seal- this creature seems so peace and calm, seeing it you feel relieved inside, all goes calm!
  • Searching for and sighting Dolphins, whales and rays- do I need to mention more?
  • Stunning Inland lagoons and highlands, remote mangroves, cliffs all so tranquil.
  • Flamingoes- such a marvel sight and all those rare birds- best bird watching!
  • Seeing elusive ocean sunfish the mola mola
  • Season of Mating, Laying eggs, raise young
  • Seeing blue footed boobies, and amazing was their courtship ‘dance’
  • Snorkeling in this amazing water with cute sea lions (they were cute!)
  • And I really saw a male frigate bird, as the bird blow and ballooned his crimson chest pouch, which actually fascinated me, though it attracted the female frigate bird. Amazing!

Male frigate bird

  • Spectacular waved albatross
  • Had so close look of marine iguanas, small dinosaur like creature and other seagoing lizards
  • Was astonished and so happy to see the Galapagos penguins- I still radiate as I remember that sight! And also flightless cormorants.
  • Lava rocks and summits along with underwater summits
  • Punta Espinoza- youngest island with marine heaven
  • Exploring of caves, shorelines
  • One of a kind wildlife spectacular- unparalleled adventure travel and exploration
  • Highly adapted creatures found nowhere else on earth!
  • Swimming in such crystal clear water/ resting and relaxing on the beach
  • Tide pooling was fun
  • Hiking and trekking was amazing
  • Kayaking was so much fun and made us to much active part of whole expedition
  • Visiting the Charles Darwin Research center and so informative and educational it was.

Charles Darwin Research center

  • A feeling of freedom and no fear!

The effect that I can tell that this exploration and expedition on me was, that I was able to connect more with the destination, and I had such a valuable effect on me as I became more caring towards the environment and animals, and moreover I vouch to put in my efforts to protect the animals and also set my Turtles free, in the fresh water river near by, finally letting them drift by for their freedom.

The exploration awakens the inner explorer! The trip is intoxicating and I am saving for my next!

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