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A Delight Discovery Of Tranquility: Lyttelton Port

A Delight Discovery Of Tranquility: Lyttelton Port
Lyttelton port is one of the extra-ordinary ports; it has emerged out of extinct volcano which gives it a very beautiful view. It is next to the Banks of Peninsula and connected to the Christchurch by the roadway and railway tunnels. The Lyttelton is also a town which is beautiful because of its location between extinct volcano mountains. . The whole city looks like post card picture, unreal to the eyes. You have to see the one of the best feature of the town, Timeball station. It was erected in 1876 and the only one out of five Timeball station in the world which is in still working condition. It was build to know the marine chronometer by this the sailors would know longitude of sea. Above the port on the ridge is located a castle- like building which gives a fantastic view of the port.  [...] 

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