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Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship – Top Reasons To Cruise With It

  • For me one of the major reasons for cruising with Queen Mary 2 cruise ship is the excellent childcare facilities. It is the most important thing not just for me but also for my husband. Really, it was simply excellent, also just as it was been portrayed in their brochure with qualified and fully trained staff. Hearing numerous horror stories of various other cruise lines, where there is non-existent of the childcare facilities, I was been a little taken aback. I wanted to have some time alone with my husband but could not leave our little one back home. When I found out that Queen Mary 2 had the childcare center I was more than happy and booked a trip for us right then…After dropping our little son at the play zone, we both were all set to enjoy out day on this cruise. Dropping him off by 9 am after having our breakfast, we had picked him again in the noon for having out vacation lunch together. This was actually happening for the whole day we used to pick him and drop him and in between had our intimate time too…

Queen Mary 2 cruise ship

  • The other reason, because of which I would like you to suggest Queen Mary 2 cruise ship to all of you, is the delicious food that is available at the Queen Mary 2 Britannia Restaurant. After dressing up we all went to this particular restaurant, we were delighted with each and every cuisines that we tried…We came across nothing which we would dislike.

Queen Mary 2 Britannia Restaurant

  • The moment we made out stomach satisfied, we went further to see the amazing Queen Mary 2 Planetarium. The Planetarium is simply the best for us, especially as it is an appropriate Planetarium setting on the cruise in its own theatre. We had a great time at the planetarium by watching the films. Well, you should not miss watching and enjoying the shows in the Planetarium, which will make you to think even more if you do about the stars that you might not did ever before in your life. I must say, that they did an excellent job by putting them together on the cruise. The Planetarium is a real fascination, one should go and enjoy at first chance.

Queen Mary 2 Planetarium

  • Then next is the Queen Mary 2 Canyon Ranch Spa. Well, I cannot escape out of saying that this might be the best spa on any cruise liner. The products that are available here are actually the quality products. In fact, they use the Canyon Ranch Spa. When we sailed on this cruise last time, we saw the same products they were using in the staterooms. The staff here are very active and they know their job perfectly. So if you are looking for a massage or simply want to relax somewhere then the Canyon Ranch Spa is just the place where you should go without wasting much time in thinking.

Queen Mary 2 Canyon Ranch Spa

  • Last but not the least, you should also make a visit to the Queen Mary 2 Royal Court Theatre. This place will offer you amazing experiences for the lifetime. Enjoy the show here and also its speakers. Actually, there are really very impressive as well as interesting. You can even enjoy watching the show on QM2 TV that is available in your room. However, watching them live is the real fascination and also a better option on Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, one could enjoy ever. At the end of the show, you will feel very lucky, as opportunities will rush towards you that will take you share few words with them.

Queen Mary 2 Royal Court Theatre

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