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Hamburg: The largest port in Germany

Visit to the port of Hamburg in Germany and get the best of attractions that you have never seen before. The port is on the river Elbe. The harbour could be found at 110 kilometres from the mouth of the Elbe. The harbour is named as Germany’s Gateway to the world and is actually a largest port in Germany. Also, it is the second major port of Europe and ninth largest in the world with 9.8 million containers. This harbour covers an area of about 73.99 square kilometer out of which 43.41 square kilometer is land areas. It is the largest cruise destination also for the shipbuilder and shipyards.

Hamburg PortTourists throng here just to visit the major attraction of Hamburg and that attraction is none other than the port. This is a very old port which was opened on 7 May 1189 by Frederick I. It has ten different terminals in the port. They are EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg, Container Terminal Altenwerder, Container Terminal Burchardkai, Container Terminal Tollerort, Buss Hansa Terminal, Buss Ross Terminal, Steinweg, Buss Hansa Terminal, Elbe Mineralölwerke and Vopak Terminal Hamburg.

As this port is one of the largest attractions in Hamburg, it holds a number of museum ships, musical theaters, bars, restaurants and hotels. It also welcomes a floating boat church.Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany after Berlin that provides cosmopolitan feel. There are few of the major landmarks available at the city like the famous red-light district of St Pauli. You can try shopping here and visit the parks and lakes and also explore the nightlife.

Hamburg Alster LakeFor sightseeing the city centre and the harbour area are the two main attractions where a tourist can easily reach. Historical centre has churches and medieval buildings that could be explored after arriving at the port. The major highlights of the city are Alster Lake, Saint Pauli, The Reeperbahn, Speicherstadt warehouse museums, Michel Church and Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo. You can also visit the modern attractions like Television Tower, a science centre and aquarium near the cruise terminal and the International Maritime museum. So do not miss these nearby attractions at any cost.

Try shopping at Monckebergerstrasse and at few other main indoor centres. You should also try the famous cuisines of this place. The ubiquitous German sausage stalls provides very tasty food. Restaurants and cafes offers light snack to full meals, so you can try at any of them. Remember the climate of Hamburg is temperate but due to the coastal location the temperature varies. Rainfall could be experienced at anytime through out the year. Normally, summers remain warm.

German language with 1.8 million populations, the Hamburg has become a wonderful cruise destination in the world. The city enjoys federal Republic government and the major religion here is Protestant and Catholic with Jewish and other non-Christian minorities. Well, no doubt the currency is calculated in Euro which is equal to 100 cents. So just enjoy the major attractions and also experience the largest port of Germany.

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