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Book a cruise to Cadiz

Cádiz, which is built on a projection of land, is a city and port in southwestern Spain. It is also the capital of Cadiz Province and is a very old place in Europe. It was built from Costa de la Luz in between the Portuguese border and Gibraltar. This city has been a port for over 3,000 years and the major feature of this city is that the port was the wealthiest Port of Spain for trade with the New World right from the time of Christopher Columbus till the late 1700s.

Now, Cádiz has become a port for ferries between mainland Spain and the Canary Islands. No wonder, it is also a well-liked halt for cruise ships like Oceania’s Regatta that present bus excursions to Seville and Jerez de la Frontera. This city is surrounded by the sea and has many historical landmarks which are preserved well even today. It has wide avenues and modern buildings that bring interest within the visitors. You can experience many parks in the city where exotic plants along with enormous trees were brought to Spain by Columbus.

Cadiz port spain

This city could be found in the southwestern corner of Andalucia. The speciality of this city is that it is among the oldest cities in the Western World which was established by the Phoenicians during the 1100 BC. People from around the globe reach here by cruise to enjoy the pleasant time at Old Town. The seafront could be distinguished by palm trees, lookout towers and white fronted houses. The landmark twin towers of the Baroque Cathedral could be found after few blocks away from mooring.

Donana National ParkThis city is the gateway to Jerez de la Frontera and the also the great Moorish city of Seville. You can also visit one of the last great wildernesses in Europe which is the Donana National Park. It has some of the precise tourist sights. Spend little time at the beaches here which is very popular. Few of the highlights of this city are the Old Town where 18th century Cathedral and the Museo de Cadiz could be found, Jerez lies at a distance of 30 minutes is a well-known site as a home of sherry. Take a trip to bodega will be a best option of horst lovers who love to see the shows at Royal Equestrian School.

Besides this, Seville located at a distance of 1½ to 2 hours by coach is among the greatest cities of Europe. Visit its Santa Cruz quarter which is quiet romantic and do not miss the Alcazar which is the palace-fortress of the Arab kings and the Giralda Tower. These two are the major monuments of Spain. Alcazar SpainAgain, those who love to see birds and nature should visit the Donana National Park through boat trip that depart from Sanlucar de Barrameda. These all was the major attractions worth visiting and should be explore by arriving through cruise which offers wonderful nature and experiences.

Try some shopping at this city when you will explore it. Leather goods like coats, handcrafted wooden furniture, rugs and carpets with Arab-influenced designs could be bought from the city. Also try the cuisine of Andalucian specialities like gazpacho and a number of fish especially fried. You will get four main types of sherry named fino, amontillado, oloroso and dulce.

The summer season of Cadiz is hot and dry where temperature even rises to 35 degree Celsius and winter could be experienced mild with some rainfall. The city is cooled by Atlantic breezes. As the country is Spain the language are spoken here are Spanish. A good feature of this country is that you won’t get any official religion but most of the population here is Roman Catholic. Parliamentary monarchy government is followed here and the currency is Euro. With this follow the trends of the city and do not smoke at every place though it is permitted in lots of bars and restaurants. Sailing to the port of Cadiz will be a fascinating trip and will make your vacation a lifetime experience.

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