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Voyages to Antiquity

‘Voyages to Antiquity’ Cruise Line was set up in 2010 by Gerry Herrod, famous cruise entrepreneur. Herrod is famous for heading such lines as Discovery Cruises, Orient Lines and Ocean Cruise Line. Voyages to Antiquity have passengers from countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia as their targeted passenger base.

There is only one ship part of the fleet at Voyages to Antiquity. The cruise line entered the market with a number of cruises on the Mediterranean on the Aegean Odyssey, which was formerly named as Aegean I.

Gerry Herrod is said to have been inspired to set up the concept for Voyages to Antiquity when he read the “Middle Sea” by Lord John Julius Norwich, who described the ancient civilizations of the central and eastern Mediterranean region. There are a good number of excellent destinations on offer.

There are itineraries that span such areas as Rome, Greece and Egypt and the ruins and remnants of historical sites. There are also visits to ports that are interesting from a cultural or historical viewpoint. There were ships that focused on the journeys of the ships in the ancient ages.

Voyages to Antiquity is one cruise line that puts more focus on the destination that is being visited rather than the cruise itself. The focus is not on providing a resort like experience like modern cruise lines now, but your on board time will be spent in attending a huge number of lectures from qualified lectors on the historical and cultural background of the places that are being visited as part of the itinerary.

There are a huge number of excellent destinations that are featured, Shore trips and other day trips will keep you entertained through the duration of the cruise. You will not realize the deliberate downsizing of entertainment.

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