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Saga Cruises started off as a tour company in United Kingdom in 1951, and specialized in offering packages for holidays to discerning travelers. The cruise program was started by the company in 1975, and this included mainly charters.

The company built a reputation for more than twenty years in the field of charter sailings, and Saga bought its first vessel in the fleet in 1996, Sagafjord, and renamed it the Saga Rose. The Saga Rose was a big success, and sister ship Vistafjord was purchased in 2004. Saga voyages are more often than not focused on the destination.

Saga is a classic cruise line that has a great deal of elegant touches that are tailor made for mature travelers. The destinations are varied, the voyages are coupled with a huge number of excellent facilities and amenities that are tailor made for the convenience of the customers. There are a huge number of excellent features that make the cruise line stand out from the run of the mill destinations in the country.

There are a huge number of excellent destinations that are popular with cruise aficionados. The meticulous and painstaking attention that is devoted in the name of small details make it an excellent choice. Details such as arranging visas to insurance to placing fruits in the cabins are given much attention to.

Saga Cruises have a great number of recreational activities and entertainment options. There are presentations and dance lessons that begin from west end style productions to wine tasting, Bingo, classical concerts, deck games, wine tasting and others.

There are a number of accommodation options as well, with many that are for solo cruisers. There are a good number of options available.

Address –

Cruise Style – Premium
The Sage Building, Folkestone.

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