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New York Port sets Condition Zulu

Hurricane Irene is close, and in preparation, Captain of the Port (COTP) of New York has Hurricane Irenelaid down port condition Zulu in effect from Sat for all commercial water ways.

Within twelve hrs, Gale forced winds will approach the port. According to the safety rules, all bunker and cargo handling operations will come to a halt during this period.

Unless specifically ordered to by the COTP, vessel movement and any other activity has been prohibited within the safety zone that has been established.

All the barge operators and other commercial vessels that have been permitted to remain in the port by the Captain of the Port should be present at the mooring site, according to the plan.

It is also advised of mariners that when wind speeds are thirty four knots or more, or once the evacuation processes start, it is advised of Mariners that drawbridges will be kept closed. Due to the uncertain movements of the weather, and due to the related closures of the drawbridges, it is urged of mariners to gain passage through these drawbridges well before the gale force winds arrive.

Anticipating the hurricane, operations have been secured by all small boast stations of the Coast Guard. Due to this reason, their search and rescue capabilities will be minimal until the hurricane passes. It is urged of boaters to stay off the sea and the beaches by the Coast Guard.

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