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Tips for a good cruise experience


Live life king size and when you are on a cruise just live it royally. Take the best of tour experiences but not before you understand some of the best tips that come in handy while you are on a cruise.

Life on the seas is very different from what you have at home. Everyday routine is very different from the cruise life and so you would have a lot of procedures that are normally to be followed when you are on a cruise. Established rules and routine make it easier for you to relax and enjoy while you are on board.

When you are on a large ship you would run across many people so it is better that you rely more on messages that are written down.

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Take the help of the phone. dial from your cabin to the many location on the ship if you want to get in touch with your companion. This would help you to enjoy the cruise and also would provide you with a lot of time to relax. But remember that the phone call is only for places where the phone is accessible. So if your companion or the person you want to get in touch with is in the lounge where there is no phone then you cannot access him. Or if he is in the golf stimulator then you would not be able to access him.

There is a voice mail facility on the larger cruises. So on the Royal Carribean and the Celebrity cruise you would be able to get in touch with people on the voice mail and it is certainly a great help.

Before you embark on a cruise make sure thus that you have all the tips that would enable you to enjoy the experience. Once you are on board there are many things that would help you to enjoy the cruise more.

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First of all learn to unpack together and use the drawers, shelves and the cubby holes that are there in the stateroom in the ship where you can keep all these things. So you would not have the need to search for things and spend time in that. You would be free from disorganization till the cruise is over. Another use of unpacking together if you are with company is that both of you would know where the other person has kept his things.

There is another good use of emptying the suitcase and that is that the room looks tidier and you can hide them out of sight under the bed.

Learn about the layout of the ship. If the offer of a ship tour is given take the offer and if there is no offer, enquire with the reception desk if there is a deck plan. Also try to learn where the theater, swimming pools, shops, night clubs, restaurants, bars, card room, spa , gym, library,  so that you can utilize these facilities. If you know before hand where these are then you would be able to go round the place much easier. Normally there are many who waste a lot of time trying to find out where the places are.

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Routine is something that is very important and is very much a part of our . Make accommodations such that you can get the right accommodation in the right ways. Get ready for dinner and other activities which could involve a lot of time and so make sure that the routine is well known to you.

It is better to give post its and notes so that you can communicate easily and you would also remember what you have to do. Walkie talkies would also help you to contact with people around.

Make sure that you do not strain yourself so that you do not exhaust yourself. So for all the last minute packing that you would have done, this is the best way you could refresh yourself. So soon after diner you can go to bed and get relaxed in the best ways possible.

When you are on an excursion on the seas, then it is better that you make reservations as soon as possible after getting out.  There are many friends that you can make on board so make the best use of the cruise that you embark on with the help of the tips that you get.

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