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Enjoy the Rides in the Fish River Canyon


Have the best canyon pleasures in the beautiful Fish River Canyon in Africa and enjoy the absolutely fascinating attractions. The 160km ravine is at least 27 km wide and 550 metres deep. With the belly of the ravine flowing through the Fish River, the tours here are very fascinating indeed.

With most of the animal species present here in the canyon, the tours here are exciting and adventurous. The mountain zebra, wild horses, and kudu, the canyon has a lovely birdlife with 60 kinds of birds found here.

This is one of the largest Canyons and is also the most recognized Natural Wonders. The Fish River is one of the longest rivers in Namibia and washes into the ground up to 550 meters and is around 27 km wide.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River originates from the Eastern Naukluft mountains and flows into the River Orange. Hiking and treks here are exciting and adventurous and tourists love to come here and enjoy to their heart’s content.

One can reach here by airstrips by charter flights and airstrips. The Fish River Canyon trail is actually a great hike in the southern part of Africa. This 85 km hike from Hobas to Ai Ais is a very interesting way of spending tours here. The temperatures sometimes are very high here and people love to take a swim and enjoy the coldness of the water. The large fish in the river never fail to surprise the visitor. The lodges here offer the best of hikes into the canyon and the pleasures of being in the nature park are something really wonderful.

Eastern Naukluft Mountains

Take a stick and sandals, cross over the river and enjoy the wet and slippery boulders, which are a main feature of tours here.

Some of the best experiences are in exploring the nicer areas of Africa and provide you with the ideal pleasures of a great cruise destination.

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