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Cruise Delights in the MS Grand Rose


When you are anywhere near the Nile river, you should surely enjoy the pleasures of going on a river cruise in the MS Grand Rose. Enjoy the lazy hours that you would spend here and bask in the glory of the waves lapping against the bow. Add to this the luxurious service that you get here and you are sure to cherish this cruise. With beautifully furnished cabins, the astounding views on the River Nile are something to take home. Experience sun tanning pleasures, and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a beautiful paradise.

The ship has sun loungers, a swimming pool, parasols and you will be provided with towels too. With the best kind of sports leisure, also enjoy all the other facilities on board the ship.

MS Grand Rose Cruise

There is a 24 hour laundry service and a souvenir shop. There are lounge bars and deck bars alongwith a restaurant which are purely for any gourmand’s delight.  All the cabins have beautiful sights of the River Nile, and have twin beds, with a bath and shower. There are air conditioning facilities with a hairdryer and safe. There is a mini bar and a telephone with the best comforts and facilities.

The first day of the cruise starts by arriving at Luxor. Thebes, the ancient Egyptian capital is located here and has some of the best sights of the temples, tombs and monuments.

MS Grand Rose Hall MS Grand Rose Dinning Room

The next day you would be taken to the East Bank where you can see the temples of Karnak and Luxor. See the Hyposytyle Hall here, which has 134 columns. You can sail to Kom Ombovia Esna Lock in the noon. It is impressive to see the Kom Ombo standing sentinel at the curve of the river.

Swimming pool at MS Grand Rose Cruise MS Grand Rose Dinning Room

You will be then taken to Aswan Dam and Agilika and the tour ends by going to Tutankhamun’s tomb and the Colossi of Memon.

With so much comfort, tours in MS Grand Rose are memorable and interesting.

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