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One Of The Exotic Places In Morocco: Tangier Port

Just imagine, you are wondering through the street looking at the splendid shops by the road side. The shops have displayed their product very attractively to lure customer. The door man at the grand hotels welcomes the guest with smiles on their face, just ahead then you come across children playing in a garden, couples and families sitting on the grass enjoying each others company. Then you come across a market with many active customers bargaining with vendors, you just keep on walking and then to another side of the market you reach a place where old civilization began, with old houses and building, sculptures, etc, still standing, surviving many battles and trounces.

It’s not a scene of a movie but actually such market exists in Tangier port which connects the old Tangier to new Tangier. And to walk and see the chaos around you, will be tiring as well as exciting. The market makes the way through from modern city to the narrow streets of the historic place.

Tangier Port Morocco

The port of the Tangier is located on the Mediterranean Sea which is also major of morocco. The port is divided into two groups because of its face-lift construction: the old port will be always be for the ferries and the new port is meant for the commercial ships

The port is always filled with chaos and bustling of the tourists, traders and vehicles because it is near by the market. Even though Tangier is an industrial centre and port, it is vastly depended on the tourism. The beaches of tangier are also exotic and stunningly beautiful to watch.

Well outside tangier area the only near by destination is the city and the Hercules caves which is nine miles, west to the city. The Grottoes of Hercules is an archaeological, mythological and historical place. The caves have Greek mythological story behind it, it is said that Hercules came to Tangier to complete his task of killing evil and bad kings and at night he took rest here in these caves. The place also has very fine-looking scenery dar el makhzenaround it. One shouldn’t miss to visit these caves!

Dar el Makhzen is situated in Kasbah. It looks like a palace and was constructed by the Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th century. Kasbah is the highest point where the Medina and Strait of Gibraltar can be viewed. It has two fantastic courtyards which are ornamented by the wooden ceilings, marble fountain and Arabesque. Now it has turned into museum but still has that grandeur look.

St Andrew ChurchThe famous graveyard of behind the St Andrew Church is resting place for some well known historical generals and bankers. Some don’t tombstones do not have the deceased name but a brief about that person which will make you wonder about their lives. Some tombstones are of Major Henry Twentyman, one of the best is the grave of ‘Dean’ who was a London’s renowned drug dealer.

Once you come here just be careful about the touts’, thugs and fake guides don’t trust any guy coming to you to show the place. If you come around such people who won’t leave you alone try to catch a taxi.

While shopping be alert of thugs selling you fake articles. If you want a good deal, dress like a local, avoid t-shirts, pants, don’t look like tourist, and try to mix in crowd. The language mostly spoken there is Spanish then English, then French.

The best way to come here without any hustle and bustle is by flight. Tangier-Boukhalef Airport is just 7.5 miles away from the city. And from city the port is two kilometers away. The visitors coming and leaving should carry complete entry and exit card.

ONCF trains are well connected throughout the Europe and also to Morocco. As for the buses CYM are closer by the port and you will get buses from airport too. Spain and Algeciras port are closer by to the Tangier port by just 1 or 2 hours. You will get ferry on hourly basis from Tangier hotels7 am to 9 pm.

You will find hotels of all rates near medina and other places. If you have a budget then you will find rooms ranging, fifty Dirham to three hundred Dirham. The mid range hotel will cost you three hundred and sixty five Dirham to four hundred and twenty Dirham. If you want live there in king size then you will find 4- stars and 5- stars hotels, plus villas with great view and other facilities like swimming pools, slides, gardens, etc.

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