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Dominica- Nature Isle Of The Caribbean


The Commonwealth of Dominica is an island nation in Caribbean Sea to the northwest of Guadeloupe and towards the southeast of Martinique. Morne Diablotins is the highest point in this country. The beauty of this island is striking and this island is the youngest island in Lesser Antilles and formed by geothermal volcanic activity followed by world’s second largest boiling lake. There are many rare species of animals, plants, and bird species and island is well known for luxuriant mountains and forests. The conflicts of this place are very huge and in the year 1838 it became the first British Caribbean colony controlled by African majority. In 1962 it became the province of West Indies Federation. It became an independent nation in the year 1978. It is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage site for its stunning natural landscapes and scenic beauty.

Dominica Caribbean

Roseau is the capital and charming costal village of Dominica. It is the main port to explore the real islands of Dominica. The islands with countless rivers, black sand beaches, and beautiful mountains etc it is the most gorgeous place on earth. It is located within Saint George parish and surrounded by Morne Bruce and Roseau River. It is the most important and oldest place of Dominica. It is a combination of colonial and modern architecture. The West Indian architecture in Roseau is worth watching in French Colonial and vernacular form. There are some Roman Catholic Churches which give a glance of Europe in Dominica. There are many modern and large colonial town houses which show the French influence. Morne Bruce is also an amazing place where you can see the downtown Roseau and Woodbridge Bay deepwater port and Fond Cole. There are Botanic Gardens and the striking Caribbean Sea is the major cruise port. This is only 26 million years old and one of the youngest island in the Caribbean chain. The Ortoioids were defeated and Arawaks come and when Caribs came here they wiped out the Arawaks. Colonization came into Dominica after Columbus in the year 1493.

The name of this island was changed by Spanish explorer when he reached here on Sunday which is called Dominica. French and British had a battle for this island in 1600’s and the after the huge war on controlling Dominica it got independence on 3rd November 1978. These political struggles were the increased challenges but by the mid of 1980 Dominica became a stable and peaceful country. Banana trade was the major income earning trade for this country, but in the starting of 1992 due to more excess to UK market Dominica saw sharp declines in banana export. Today tourism is the major sector and source of income to this island. Through the island is poorer than its neighbors and has low crime rate as the people are average and don’t have extreme wealth. There is much more to explore in this stunning island of Caribbean. This place is stunning where you can enjoy many activities and enjoy the natural scenic beauty with lots of fun and adventure.

Best time to visit Dominica

Winter months from December to May are the best months as during this time Dominica is blessed with admirable weather. Dominica also faces hurricanes as it is exposed to tropical depression. The mountain region of Dominica is full of cold in late afternoon and evening, and it can be rainy during the months of summer.

How to reach Dominica

Dominica - Roseau cruise ship dockThere are no direct flights to Dominica from US so tourists coming from overseas have to reach here from Gateway Island. Canefield Airport and Melville Hill airport are the two airports in Dominica. These airports have limited facilities and slow immigration. American eagle, LIAT, San Juan etc are the domestic airlines fly within the Caribbean. If you are planning to reach here by sea than Roseau is a regular stop for all the cruises. There are ferries available between Dominica and nearby islands. Rupert Bay is the sailboat connected with all the neighboring islands like St Lucia, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. All the ferries depart from Roseau and there are three cruise ship docks in Dominica. The schedules of ferries change frequently so you need to book your trip in advance and some companies offer discounts to elders and youths.

Where to stay in Dominica

There is a huge variety of accommodation to match the budgets, needs and taste of visitors. Beach front villas are the best option for those who want to get the bliss of coastline and volcanic black sand beaches. There are natural resorts in the center of the rainforest which is a best option of accommodation for nature lovers. Mountain top cottages will smooth the progress of hiking experience and there are many riverside lodges where you can swim and enjoy in clean rivers. The accommodation on this island is unique and diverse as its natural environment. There are many apartments and guest houses if you want to stay away from the nature of this island. Whatever your choice is the accommodation here will offer you the best atmosphere with homely attention. An all-inclusive Caribbean vacation is a great way to cut down on travel expenses so you’ll have more money to spend on your trip.

Things to do on Dominica

Botanical gardensThe Bayfront, the Deep Water Harbor, and the Cabrits are the three cruise ship berths. Book your tour to explore this island on cruise. There are long and short tours available for visitors according to their preferences. The Old Market Museum and plaza at the Bayfront is the place to start. There are many duty free shops and a walk in the city gives you a glance of Creole Architecture followed by Botanical Gardens, Parrot Research Centre, and Cabrits National Park. It is a major cruise destination because of its wide range of natural attractions. The Boiling Lake is the world’s second largest volcanic pool after two hours hike from Valley of Desolations the slippery paths, high winds and insects like birds and reptiles can be experienced here.

A short tour of twenty minutes will provide you the options of snorkeling, whale watching, scuba diving etc. The beautiful Trafalgar Falls are simply breath taking. You can also visit the rainforest of this island out the capital Roseau on the Aerial Tram and horse back riding. The Emerald Pool, Titou Gorge etc is the other options to explore this island. There are many festivals and events like World Creole Music Festival, Mas Domnik Carnival, and Dive Fest etc all are celebrated in different months. The astonishing cruises are will make you feel relaxed with many scenic spots which make you visit an amazing one. These cruises have all the facilities like entertainment, casino, bars, restaurants, dining, pools, and theatres etc. different cruises cover different destinations of Dominica. Carnival Cruise Lines is the major cruise lines visiting Dominica while others are P & O cruises, Holland America line, and Princess Cruises. Reach Dominica and get the bliss of nature, adventure, history, and entertainment on the beautiful island of Dominica which is recently voted as the fifth friendliest country in the world.

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