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World’s Top Cruise Destination: Forte De France


Christopher Columbus announced Martinique ‘the most beautiful country in the world’ when he discovered it.

Martinique was only complimented by the Columbus but the picturesque is also appreciated by the Arawak and Carib Indian who called their homeland Medinina which means ‘island of flowers’. The volcanic landscape and varicolored flowers, its climate just make a perfect location to attract tourists from all over the countries and stopover for many cruise ships at the port of Forte de France.

Fort de France is most liked and looks like miniature of Paris. While coming by the sea, the first glimpse of the place at the port will impress you by its landscape of colonial homes, multiple church towers and backdrop of mountains. This place has the charm of the old world and stunning scenery. This place is a capital of Martinique and a port which exports rum, sugar, tinned fruit and cacao.

Fort de france martinique

The important places should be visits are as follow:

Cathedral Saint Louise

The church was destroyed at many times, once by the soldiers by setting fire on it and many times it got destroyed by the natural calamities such as earthquake and cyclones. This is seventh time the church had been made on the same site. Initially it was built in 1671 and the current building is built by the Henry Picq, architecture of Schoelcher Library.

Fort Saint-Louis

Initially the fort was build to protect the ships on the bay. It was built in 1635 and later was naval base of the National Navy. In twenty first century it became home for the reptiles like Iguana delicatissima. Before twenty century, fort also became small zoo place that’s why this fact raises the question of the existence of reptiles in this fort.

Fort saint louis martinique

Departmental museum of Archaeology and Prehistory:

To know the history of the island even before the arrival of the colonies, this place makes it possible to put the puzzled pieces of the history in the place! The museum have all the facts and collection of the history of the island that of four thousand years before Christ.

Schoelcher Library

Schoelcher library martiniqueThis is the most magnificent monument in the Forte de France. The library is named after the Victor Schoelcher who was against slavery trade. Today the library has over two lakh books inside it. The architecture of the building is also considered one of the best because of its colored dome shaped roof and frontages.

The market is huge here you wont get bored with the hustle and bustle of the market. Here also you will find French products every stores, boutiques and shops. You will good price of liquor, crystal and wines. If you pay by the traveler’s cheque you might even get good discount on the products.

The local food is influenced by the French and Caribbean characteristics. The specialty you should try is lobster, red snapper, sea urchin and stuffed crab.

Forte de France is one point five miles away from the dock which hardly takes ten miles. The currency over here is euro and official language spoken by the people here is French; Creole patois.

Need to know

Beachwear is not accepted in the resorts or at the beach. While going out, one needs to dress up properly.

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