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Tips and guidelines for Cruise traveling

Cruising is like a dream come true for loads of people, it is very intoxicating form of traveling. Here are some handy tips Cruise traveling tipsand some guidelines which can be stated as basic essentials that need to be take care of while taking a cruise.

Correct Identity Proofs:

This is most important, if you are carrying your Cruise reservation tickets along! Carrying the right and proper identity documents is must. To make sure of this, make a list beforehand and before leaving your home check list it. Examples of documents in your list are: Passports, Cruise Documents, Travel Insurance policy, Proof of Picture ID in addition to passport and issued ship’s ID card which will be required on re-board in each port of call. Driver’s License is one best thing to bring along. Keep these documents in handy place.


When embarking make sure that cruise tags for your luggage are put securely. This is very important so that you are able to get your luggage only in your cabin and so that you don’t have to hassle at Lost and found.  Your heavy baggage will be checked curbside at the pier for transfer directly to your cabin.

Payment once on board:

You are issued with Personal ship’s ID, when embarking. After that when on board you keep signing for all purchases and then at end of cruise settle it with credit card, traveler’s checks or even cash. While on board you can’t use your credit cards or travelers checks in for individual purchases.

Sea Sick:

Normally the sail is smooth and there are rare chances for getting sea sick yet you can take medicine along.

Medicine Box:Medicine Box

There is a physician available on board generally though you must take those medicines that are very essential to you as once on sail you can’t go looking out for chemist shop above or underneath the water!

Ship’s Daily Schedule:

Note the important information, give attention to announcements and take on schedule for daily activities, dinning time and dress codes. Make sure you are ready for the port calls and back in time to board your cruise. Though the schedule of the day will be delivered to your cabin during day and evening.

Activities and relaxing:cruise ship activities

Cruising is not only wonderful as it take you to exotic destinations but the on board activities make it more fun and exciting. There is so much to do on board, that don’t try to do it all. Don’t get yourself exhausted, remember relaxing is best on cruise.

Take a risk:

Go for those activities that you arte not able to do in your life back in city. Go for one or at the most two things in a day like opt for shipboard activities like trivia games, take dance class, craft making or galley bridge tour. Have fun when cruise director ask for volunteer, don’t shun from it but take sheer pleasure of wine tasting and more such things like games being played, which in turn will get you a memento of cruise.


Try out all sought of unusual food, as all these foods are of good quality and made by Special chefs. And moreover on cruise you will get all international cuisine. Go for it.

Snorkeling on cruise

Snorkeling gears are provided, and people who don’t know snorkeling this could be good chance to get basic training and see the marvels underneath the sea.

Travel handy things:

Keep with you your camera and Video cam recorder along with an extra tote bag, and some large or small zip lock bags, these all will be handy and helpful.


Every cruise has different tipping policy, it will be better to know about it before hand. Though tipping is recommended, as you had a memorable trip, that was all because of their hard work and so hand out the tips.

Formal nights:

Formal nights vary according to ship and itinerary. Though if you are invited for dinner with the Captain then it’s recommended that you wear formal wears. Also there may be a night or two which is declared to be formal night where you need to wear formal clothes. Which can be nice and elegant like tailcoats, dinner jackets, evening gowns will look elegant and chic. It’s better to do Sunday dress pantsuit for women and a dark suit or conservative sport jacket for men which are appropriate. Also in evenings in dinning room shorts are not allowed. If you don’t wish to dress up then there is always an alternative dinning available on the Lido deck on most ships and also room service is complimentary. The best thing will be to check out the information section of the cruise brochure for information about the dress code.

Age restriction:

There are certain venues and activities on the ship that are restricted to age. Take that those norms are followed and also boozing on the ship is set with a limit of age, so be sure that your kids are following those rules set.

Pets policy:

Check out before taking your Chihuahua on board, as do they allow pets or not. As most of the cruise have No Pets Policy.


On last night, the staff will request you to pack your luggage and out it outside your cabin so that they can be offloaded the next morning. So remember not to give your carry ob bags, essentials that you will require in morning and most important don’t pack your clothes that you need to wear off the ship in morning! Keep handy again all your passports and ID with you for immigration processing and be ready with your declaration form for customs. Even make sure the collected receipts are handy if large purchases put you over duty free limit. You will be able to claim your bags in customs area ashore.

Declare your purchases:

Don’t go to save tax of Duty, as Duties are so minimal these days, simply worth not taking the risk of under declaration as the fine imposed is much more then what you shall save by not declaring and also this will lend your passport and your name in the “Stop-and-search” database of United States Customs or any other country as a matter of fact.

Checking out the website of the cruise and talking with other people who have also been to cruise will be very helpful.

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