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Enjoyed the picturesque sights of Villefranche

The port of Villefranche always remains filled with cruise ships as tourists throng here to be a part of this breathtaking site of the French Riviera. This city is a deep water port that has been used by Yachts and naval vessels for centuries. Also the ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a stopping off point in their voyages towards the west. You will experience two most famous resorts on Riviera which is named as Nice and Cannes. Well, France has many exotic sites which are recognized as tourist destinations also the palm trees, blue sea and attractive beaches will make you impressed.

When I went to France in Villefranche, I made it a point to reach there by cruise. This makes you more energized to explore the city as you already do so while flowing between the water. Right after docking at the port of Villefranche, I started exploring the city and its attractions as I’ve already took sufficient rest in the cruise. Villefranche sur Mer is a picturesque sight of the city where the historic buildings stands in a group along the coast. This is truly fascinating and will make you surprised when you explore the other sightseeing options in the city like Nice, Monaco, Cannes and the French Riviera.

Villefranche sur Mer
Those who love sports can visit the glamorous Cote d’Azur which is actually an extraordinary playground with all types of amusements. Here you can experience exceptional museums, historic places that date back from the pre-Christian era to the present day, hills, mountains, lakes and rivers, gorges and alpine skiing trails. Besides this, some of the major highlights that are worth the money are the Citadel, Antibes and Cap d’Antibes, Villefranche sur Mer: Better if you take a guided walking tour of the town centre, Nice: It is the largest metropolis on the coastline, Cannes: The playground of the rich and famous, Juan les Pins: Neat harbour, beaches and ppine forests in the hills and St Jean Cap Ferrat, which is an exclusive and expensive resort that includes great private mansions and seaside estates.

St Jean Cap Ferrat
While exploring all these attractions I also enjoyed shopping here. Cruise ship passengers can buy olive oil, perfume from Grasse, and pastis, the aniseed flavoured aperitif perennially well-liked in the south of France. Also you can buy the local handicrafts and textiles. With this jewellery, local wines, cheeses and other foodstuffs are under the best buys list. When I come to other place to visit, I never fail to try its speciality. Tasting cuisines boost your energy as we get something new to eat. To enjoy this magnificent site, visit when the climate supports you and brings a charming pleasure. Summers could be warmest in the months of July to September.

As Villefranche lies in France you can understand that the language here is French where 6,700 populations exist. It enjoys republican government since 1792 where majority of religion could be found as Roman Catholic with Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and unaffiliated minorities. Many nationals do not require visa to enter the provinces of France. So it’s better if you could check it out from your nearest embassy. Otherwise, a valid passport is all that is needed to travel to the city of Villefranche. Whenever, I travel by cruise my journey becomes more fascinating. So if you get time to enjoy your holidays in a better way then try to book a ticket for cruise and see the difference.

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