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Cruise on theme vessel-have exuberant fun!

Taking a cruise once in your life is must for its epitome of luxury and pleasure of scenic beauty while voyaging in deep blue sea. Cruise has become very popular, with people spending their summer or winter holidays on it to spending their honeymoon. These vessels or huge liners have common things like gourmet of food, games, entertainment and loads of activities and for relaxing there is spa and more over there is a planned itinerary which will take you to different port call. These all make all the cruise ships similar to one another, yet there are some Cruise, whose voyage, destination and entertainment has all themes attached. This adds up the spice, which makes the trip more exuberant and pleasure. Especially a cruise which has a theme of your interest, then just imagine hell loads of people, who have this common interest or regaling and reveling in the vessel of theme cruise.

These theme cruises have the basic ingredients of holidays of cruise, but with an added twist they become more fun and exciting with add on to already good time on cruise.

Top Theme Cruises:

Tribute Cruises:
The tribute theme cruises are entirely innovative and mind blowing idea, to give out tribute to the legendary people and moreover go cruising on holiday. While paying tribute to your favorite superstars, cruise to exotic destinations, while aboard on the finest cruise vessels, and enjoy with all other enthusiastic folks like you.

Tribute cruise

The cruising will feature on board activities themed around the favorite superstar, like karaoke nights, participate in best look a like costumes contest, special unplugged performance, talent contest and prizes and shows and documentaries of the legend. The opportunity to show out you mad love for that star and live with its contemporaries and hear authentic music of them being played by their own band members at times.

Shows off your love, pay homage make your self go wild and crazy in this cruise.

A Tribute to Forty Years of the Beatles
Beetles- The epitome of music, saga of band and legacy, the musical band that has influenced every other band from last forty years, broadening the horizon of music, techniques that they created are being used till date and moreover such awe inspiring this band is that it re wrote the history of Music.

Though meeting with Beetles is not possible but there is a second best thing that can be done for all the crazy and die hard fans of Beetle, there is cruise for you who whole and soul theme is Beetle and their music. Imagine yourself on cruise, in the deep blue sea, during the extravagant stay all you can hear is Beetles music and their style, their effigies all around you and you are amidst all those crazy fans as you are sharing this Tribute cruise with them.

By honoring the Beetle band, with hosting of a cruise that gives this legendary band an ovation in world’s biggest ships, to bring in the passion and zenith of the Fab Four.

The Beatles Tribute Cruise will be a six-night musical voyage aboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas in March 2010. That’s one of the world’s biggest ships, which shall be hosting a cruise, which is honoring the world’s greatest band.

beatles tribute bandsNo Beatles cruise, can ever be complete without music, the BritBeat, America’s greatest tribute band to the Beatles, who are going to perform the Great Finale Concert and they have the Fab Four of Beetles down to the every details of the look, accents and costumes. The show will feature more than thirty Beatles songs, ranging from each era of their career. They will recreate magic of Beetles 1964 debut on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, taking care of intricate details while performing tribute to the Beetles like matching black Edwardian suits and Beatle boots. There will be also performance of early hits like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You.” And then a change by changing into authentic multicolored satin uniforms, the band will performs songs from the “Sergeant Pepper” era such as “A Day in the Life” and “Penny Lane.” Switching to their hippie days they will cover songs and music such as of “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be.”  Most important is the vocals will be performed live and there is absolutely no lip syncing. Highlight of the whole show is playing on authentic “Beatles” instruments.

The Beatles Tribute Cruise sets its voyage journey from Fort Lauderdale, which is for six nights that shall begin in March 28 aboard the Independence of the Seas from the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The cruise will make stops at exotic port calls and exotic shores of Belize City, Cozumel and Costa Maya before returning back to Fort Lauderdale.

A private media event will be held prior to departure, with Shannon unveiling eight of her original Beatles paintings from her Hard Days Night Hotel Collection.

The tribute cruise will have all other services like any other luxury cruise yet the whole itinerary is different with whole set of fun filled activities that will freak you out, based all on Beetles. The cruise itinerary include a Beatles trivia contest, you can also sing along with an “In the Studio/Karaoke” session, ask more and more about your ideology singers with question and answer sessions with May Pang, Nancy Lee Andrews and Jorie Gracen, Paul Saltzman’s will show case Beatles in India with slide presentations, along with autograph signings, great Beetle prizes to be won and show of your knowledge of these legends with a Beatles trivia contest, special Beatles Guitar Workshop with BritBeat and raffles will be held also with proceeds to benefit the Dara Roberts Fund. Roberts is a Beatle fan with cerebral palsy who will be attending Stanford University in the fall.

Keeping with the theme, Cruise people have organized and put together the people who have some hallmark of Beetle in their life:

May Pang:

John Lennon’s former girlfriend and author of “Loving John” and “Instamatic Karma”

  • Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil But everyone knew her as Nancy Lee Andrews: Ringo Starr’s former fiance and author of “A Dose of Rock and Roll”
  • Chris O’Dell: Author of “Miss O’Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Women They Loved”
  • Shannon: The “world’s greatest Beatles artist”
  • Paul Saltzman: Author of “The Beatles in Rishikesh”
  • Jorie Gracen: Paul McCartney’s photographer for 20 years and author of “I Saw Him Standing There”
  • Joe Johnson: Host and creator of the nationally syndicated radio show “BeatleBrunch”

Hey so pack your luggage, but before that book yourself a ticket to voyage on this mind blowing cruise.

Some Other Superstars Theme Cruise are:
  • Jimmy Buffett Tahiti Tribute Cruise- Mar 6-12, 2010
  • Superstars of Country Cruise – Apr 11-18, 2010
  • Neil Diamond Tribute Cruise – May 2-9, 2010
  • Rolling Stones Tribute Cruise – Jun 13-20, 2010
  • Michael Jackson Tribute Cruise – Jun 18-21, 2010
  • Beach Boys Tribute Cruise – Jul 1-5, 2010
  • Magical Mystery Cruise (Magic) – Jul 11-18, 2010
  • Johnny Cash Tribute Cruise – Jul 18-25, 2010
  • Elvis Hawaii Memorial Tribute Cruise – Aug 21-28, 2010
  • Rat Pack Tribute Cruise – Aug 29-Sept 5, 2010
  • Beatles Tribute Cruise – Sept 25-Oct 2, 2010
  • Fantasy Fest Cruise – Oct 24-31, 2010
  • Fabulous 50′s Cruise – Oct 17-24, 2010 – Platters, Coasters & Drifters…Direct from Las Vegas!
  • Psychedelic 60′s Cruise – Nov 14-20, 2010 – Re-live Woodstock 40 years later!
  • Super 70′s Cruise – Dec 5-12, 2010
  • Jimmy Buffett Christmas Tribute Cruise – Dec 11-18, 2010

All these cruise is a lifetime of memory that you will share with your idols, sharing that passion of music, living out some of there memories and moreover you can pay tribute and homage to these eternal stars that have touched out life in way or another.

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