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Cruise your Travels in the Lady Diana Nile Cruise


The Lady Diana Nile Cruise is an experience that is a great combination of tours and cruise packages. There are beautiful air-conditioned cabins that are controlled individually and the lovely facilities have a beautiful effect on the travellers here. There are lovely panoramic windows here and the other facilities make sure that the travellers have great comfort value. There are safe deposit boxes that are available at the reception and the onboard facilities here have restaurants which span over a large space which serve the best to the tourist visiting here. the facilities of the swimming pools, sun decks, jacuzzi and the lovely lounges as also the international cuisine that is served here make the Lady Diana Nile Cruises very enjoyable. The facilities of laundry, hairdresser and also the best gift shops, boutiques and the pressing service are all great reasons why a tourist would enjoy the delights here in this lovely land of great pleasures.

Lady Diana Nile Cruise
The Lady Diana Nile Cruise has 67 doubles Junior Suites and five decks along with 4 royal suites and balconies. These are all great with lovely picture windows on the River Nile.

So for all those who want to enjoy the cruises to Egypt the lady Diana Nile River Cruise provides the traveller greatly fascinating delights. So do not miss the cruise and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely African nation which has a lot of sights to offer so if you are expecting a blend of adventure and luxury then make the best of the Lady Diana Nile River Cruises.

The tourists get the best sights of a village life in Egypt and the countryside here is very ancient yet very enchanting. This is a village where there are clay huts and fields which make the visits here greatly pleasurable. The animals are used to pull the carts and these are enjoyed by the passengers who cruise in this area on the cozy confines of the ship.

Lady Diana Nile Cruise swimming pools

So enjoy the cruises and avail of either a long duration or a short duration cruise. The short cruises last for around three or four days and this is normally between the areas of Aswan and Luxor. The long cruises are maybe around 15 days and sometimes the voyage goes upto Dendera. Choose the cruise of your choice and enjoy the pleasures of Lady Diana Nile River Cruise.

The holidays on the Nile River Cruise on the river Nile is really a memorable experience. So if you are one of those who are looking for a relaxed and rejuvenated feeling then surely this is one cruise that you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy the luxury of the best kind of comforts and also make sure you take the huge ships that resemble a floating hotel and enjoy the spacious rooms and the other modern amenities that are available here. This is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity so just enjoy it.

Lady Diana Nile Cruise

These Nile River Cruises are found all the year and in the month of April the Nile River shuts its locks due to the water levels. The ideal time to visit this place on a Nile River Cruise is in the months of the October to March. This is the time when the locks are all open and the weather is cool and nice.

Lady Diana Nile Cruise
Plan a holiday in these cruises and enjoy this comfortable experience in this part of the world and also feel the beauty of the entire region come alive in the air conditioned comforts of a fascinating experience. With the facilities of safe deposit boxes and onboard facilities this is certainly one cruise not to be missed.

Egypt is a lovely destination to visit and Egyptian comforts and luxuries are the mainstay of cruises here.

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