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Explore the lively city of Oslo during your Scandinavian cruise journey


The capital city of Norway, Oslo prides an excellent setting at the crown of inlet which is almost 110 km long. One of the very few most excellent ways to arrive at Oslo is by traveling through the waterway which makes you a way alongside the picturesque inlets where boats used for fishing crowd up with cruise luxury as well as liners yachts.

Despite the fact that sailing throughout the moist green atolls and outcrops the capital city which opens out just before your eyes also rambling out of its solid centre in the region of the quays and later towards the flanks of the adjacent hills.

Prosperous as well as lively capital city, Oslo is one of the very few must visit destination on the Scandinavian cruise journey.

Oslo norway

Oslo Sightseeing

For such a moderately undersized capital city, Oslo is extraordinarily has provided its tourists with a number of galleries as well as museums. The dense centre of the city has preserved a lot of its medieval outline of the city in the middle of acres of parks as well as greenery. Within the walking distance from the city centre, there are many amusing districts throughout which to look through, taking pleasure in the street life as well as number of various shops.

Oslo Tourist Attractions
  • Akershus Slott and Festning (also known as Akerhus Palace and Fortress)

Akershus Slott and Festning

  • Bygdøy
  • The Munch Museum
  • Kon-Tiki Museum
  • Nasjonalgalleriet (also known as National Gallery)



Norway is quite a costly tourist destination, even though you can look for a number of bargains in the larger stores. The superior buys in the city consist of pewter, knitwear, ceramics as well as boots made out of reindeer skin.

The most important shopping areas are located adjacent to Frogner, which is the central station, as well as the place for where art galleries, food shops and antiques. Bogstadveien has a number of various shops, as well as market stalls also various department stores of each believable portrayal.

Eating out

A number of restaurants as well as hotel dish up lunch as of a koldtbord (commonly known as cold table), accompanied by smoked salmon, as well as fresh lobster, also shrimp and a variety of hot dishes.

The favorite conventional sizzling bite is the pølse, an appearance of sausage, which is sold at a number of various outlets.

When to Go

Summer season is the most excellent time of the year to spend your vacation in Norway. During this time the atmosphere might turn out to be cool however in the months of June to August, the atmospheric temperature on an average is around 25°C also it can increase further too. Rainfall is probable throughout the year; moreover snowfall is frequent during the winter season.


Norwegian is the basic language of the city where English is widely spoken.


The majority of the Oslo populations are Lutheran Protestant. Here you will also come across the Muslim as well as Catholic minorities.

Social Conventions

When you are in the city do not forget to observe normal courtesies. It is usual for the guest to abstain from consumption in anticipation of the horde toasts their physical condition. Casual dressing is considered normal in the city. Lunch is usually a matpakke, which is a light unwrap sandwich bite. The general timing for lunch is between 11:30 to 12:00. Moreover the dinner timing is generally at 17:00. It is traditional to present the hosts with gifts if invited to their house or outside for either lunch or dinner. It is expected by you to be punctual if called out for dinner. Smoking is not allowed in public areas.


Waiters in the city do expect tip for their services but not more than 5% of the bill charges.

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