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Inspiring Tower of Belem and attractions at Lisbon Port

Lisbon is the largest city of Portugal and is also the capital of it. It dates back to nearly two centuries BC. This city has modern areas with long wide boulevards that are sheltered from large trees, gardens and generous residential areas. As the city is of olden generation you will get wonderful sites built on the terraced hillsides. Hence, this city is a mixture of ancient and modern locations. One can experience the natural beauty of this place which is extended across seven hills. This city meets the banks of the large River Tagus estuary. This river is crossed by the outstanding Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge.

Cruise shops normally dock close to this bride at Doca de Alcantara which is located to the east of Belem waterside quarter. To get the magnificent views of the nature and this city just travel by a cruise and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The city not only offers marvelous attractions but it also presents wonderful nightlife, shopping, eating and drinking scene. The port of Lisbon is a mind blowing architectural monument situated close to the downtown area at a distance of nearly 4 miles from the old section of the city. The Lisbon International Airport is also located close to the port.

Lisbon portugal

Shopping will be perfect in the old section of Lisbon especially on the street like Arco Triunful de rua Augusta which is among the main pedestrian shopping streets in the city. Move ahead to the inland and you will stand at the centre of shopping streets from all directions. There are many small shops that sell local crafts and products. This city is a home to many kinds of wine shops that offers best Portuguese port wine and Italian wines as well. As compared to France, the cost of Portugal is very low for the same products. Lesbon is the best place to buy clothes.

The hillside attractions are the major part that should be explored. Hike to St. George’s Castle where you will get spectacular views of the city, visiting Sinta will worth a lot, to explore the religious history take a trip on ship to Fatima. While you will travel by cruise some breathtaking sites cannot be compared with others in the world. So just enjoy the sights from Tagus River to the Atlantic Ocean. At the northern direction of the river, after crossing the bridge you can see huge monument of Discoveries that is simply attractive. When you reach to the open ocean just take a glance at the same direction and get inspired from the Tower of Belem.

Tower of belem Lisbon

Before leaving the city do not miss the best cuisines here like some speciality of seafood and also the pastel de nata which is the custard tart with a galao, milky coffee at any of the famous cafes. To reach there you need to select a proper climate when you can explore the city better. From the months of June to September you will experience hot and largely dry summers. November to March is the season of little wet climate with temperatures exist nearly 15 degree Celsius. The months like April, May and October brings pleasant warm temperatures and sometimes remains wet as well.

The city is located in between Europe and Portugal and hence the language spoken here is Portuguese where 564,657 populations live in city and 2,000,000 in metropolitan area. Majority of religion here is of Roman Catholic and enjoys republic government. So just try to know the life of this place and explore this wonderful tourist destination entirely. There is no need of visa if you are staying for less than 90 days but current passport is all that you need to reach here. The magnificent sights from the open ocean to the surroundings will make your day amazing. So once you dock at the port just make your accommodation and have fun.

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