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Over hundred caves in the rock at Gibraltar Port

When it comes about a cruise destination, Gibraltar has everything to prove it the best. The port of Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of Europe and serves as a gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. To enjoy the cruise holidays this place is perfect with comfortable climate where dining and shopping experiences are rated as the first. Gibraltar is well-known for its large limestone rock that faces towards the northern direction. It was believed that this rock was created when the Rock of Gibraltar cavesAfrican and Eurasian plates meet together during the time of dinosaurs. This rock has more than hundred caves from where remains of pre-Neanderthal human have been found.

This is the reason why this tiny British overseas territory has been named as The Rock. The height of this rock is 423 metres that is of 1,388 feets. A very small place filled with plenty of attractions and sightseeing options is a curiosity for all visitors who come from Spain. This city has been British for nearly 300 years and you can explore its history easily. Just walk around the city and know about this place gradually. This city is known as a sales tax-free city so stroll to the Main Street where you can experience best shopping. Electronic goods are cheaper than Europe and US. With this, Jewelry and alcohol are also among the well-liked items in Gibraltar.

For Jewelry, the best location is The Silver Shop on Main Street. This shop has something for everyone that prides itself on carrying a huge number of local jewelry. While shopping, try the food here that has some speciality of the city. Typical Gibraltan food is actually a mixture of British, Maltese, Italian and Spanish influences. Some of the Restaurants and Bars offer these foods. Well, if you are visiting any places and haven’t tasted its special food then your trip remains incomplete. So just enjoy the food of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar RockTourists from all over the world docks at the port of Gibraltar and at first hand starts exploring the famous rock. There are various methods to explore the rock. You can climb the rock through a chain of trails if you love adventure or sit back and reach to the top through cable cars. Once you reach to the top of the rock you can simply enjoy the exotic views of Britain and Spain. Besides this rock, you can also explore the sea after you dock at the port. Try some activities like diving through which you can also enjoy the company of Dolphins especially during the winter season. There are many wrecked vessels in the waters close to the cruise terminal. This place has among the largest population of Dolphins in the world. Take a boat from companies like Dolphin World and enjoy the prime watching spots.

The place enjoys 300 day’s of sunshine in a year so temperatures sometimes rises up to 30 degree Celsius during the months of May and September. Normally the heat and humidity gets tempered by sea breezes. Winter season remains mild with 17 degree Celsius temperatures and rainfall could be experienced very rare. So make sure that you are going to explore this place during your favorite season. Accommodation could be done outside the port. Gibraltar is been used by over 7,000 vessels every year so you can realize how important this port is. This port not only offers magnificent views but much more than expected. Airport could be found at a distance of 1.4 kilometres from the port.

Gibraltar portFew of the points that you should know while you are travelling to an unknown place is its official language which is English but Spanish are also spoken by few population and currency is Pound but Euros are also accepted. Besides this, the total population of Gibraltar is 28,000 and enjoys British Crown Colony government since 1713. The majority of religion is Roman Catholic but Church of England, Church of Scotland, Jewish, Hindu and other minorities are also there. The port of Gibraltar was reinvented as the main centre for ship repair and maritime support services. This information will help you ahead when you will explore the city so make your holidays a best time that was spent at the port of Gibraltar.

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