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A Dramatic entrance to the Gdansk Port

Gdansk Port is located close to the city of Gdansk in Poland and this huge port sets a crown on Europe. It is a significant commercial and industrial port. The Gdansk cruise port could be found close to Gdynia and is situated close to most of the major attractions that the city of Gdansk offers. From the port you can reach into the city which is also the fourth prime metropolitan area in the country. To reach to the Gdansk cruise terminal you have to sail through the Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea.

There are plenty of attractions to explore, shopping, things to do and few others. The city is in the region of Poland where 458,000 of populations live. The official language of this region is Polish and majority of religion is Roman Catholic with some other religions like Autocephalous Catholicism. The city enjoys republican government since 1918. Well currency which is considered in this country is Zloty and is equal to 100 groszy. To reach to this tourist destination by water Port of Gdynia and Port of Gdansk are waiting for you. Besides this, Gdansk Glowny could be reached by train and by air Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is an option.

Gdansk Port

Visit the architecture throughout the city where most of the structures date back to Hanseatic League era. To enjoy trekking, just walk along the long street of Ulica Dluga and along the Dlugi Targ region which is a long market. Here you will get many shops, cafes, pubs and historical buildings. Also visit the Upland Gate, Torture House, the Prison Tower and Golden Gate. When you arrive at the Long Street, visit the Uphagen House and Main Town Hall. Every building can be accessed and guided tours are also available with a limited amount of fee.

Neptune FountainAlong the Long Market you can see Arthur’s Court, Neptune Fountain and also the Golden House. Tourists who love to view few oldest structures, stop at the older churches in the region and could be found anywhere at the Gdansk port region. Some of the well-known churches are St. Bridget, St. Catherine, St. John, St Mary and St Nicholas Church. Out of this, St. Mary’s is the oldest structure dating back to 15th century. This structure is also the largest brick church in the world.

At a short distance from the port you will get many shopping areas like the Long Embankment region. There are many small shops located in the city. Amber collections could be found anywhere in the city. Get the best clothing from Galeria Swetra where a huge collection of sweaters could be found. Some handmade sweaters are also available here. Glass and enamelware, handwoven rugs, silverware, handmade jewellery, dolls in regional costumes, woodcarvings and sculptures crafted from clay and metal could be found at the historic centre of Gdansk.

While exploring the attractions you should not forget to taste the food of this place. Many cafes are there in this city. Try some popular food like Barszcz-fermented beetroot soup, Krupnik-barley soup, Kielbasa-smoked sausage, Bigos-meat, cabbage and mushrooms, Golabki-stuffed cabbage leaves, Szarlotka-apple cake, Paczki-jelly doughnuts and Makowiec-poppy seed cake. Well, if you are staying at this place firstly you should accommodate a room and take rest. Later start exploring the city. All range of hotels could be found here the way you need.

You can plan your holidays as per your favorite season as Gdansk has a maritime climate. The summer season is warm and autumns are mild. Summer temperatures remains at 20°Cs in the months of July and August whereas, more than 1ºC of temperatures could be seen during the months of January and February. Along with this, experience the rainfalls at any time year round. As temperatures remain very low snowfall is most likely to occur and could be experienced in the months of December and March. So make all of your arrangements and head towards the Gdansk port by cruise and explore the attractions.

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