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Plan now and dock soon at Funchal Port

Funchal Port is a wonderful destination that offers magnificent sightseeing and shopping as well. Tourists simply love to be a part of this port and enjoy the attractions entirely. Funchal is the capital city of Madeira where nearly 100,000 populations are exists. Technically, it is a part of Portugal and presents its culture and Funchal Madeira portugalcharming environment to the people who come from all over the world. Funchal is popular for its luscious wine and exclusive handcrafted items.

Climate of Funchal is very pleasant with summer and winter season. Summers are usually warm, humid and dry with average maximum temperatures that remain in between 21 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius. The summers could be experienced in the months of May to October whereas, from October to December the weather remains little wet and sunny as well. Temperatures during winter season drops down to 50ºF. So the sunny climate will never make you feel irritated and you can simply enjoy the sights of the city.

Once you landed at the port of Funchal, you definitely do not want to miss the beautiful Botanical Gardens of the island. This awesome garden is visible from the port. So first head to the garden and explore it. Visit theQuinta Das Cruzes Museum Quinta Das Cruzes Museum where you can experience hundreds of artifacts and paintings that are unique to the island. With this Porcelain statues are worth exploring. Well, Madeira has mountainous regions so you can enjoy the best views right from the sky. Three hour long cable car rides will make your day great. This trip will offer you to see Madeira from the town of Monte.

No wonder, cruise are the best option to reach here as it will dock you right around the island where you will get plenty of sightseeing options. You can explore the sites by walking and also cover some museums, shops and cafes and a salty old port area. Beautiful gardens which could also be found in the town centre will make your day pleasant. This is not enough; you have many attractive sites to explore. Take a taxi and ride to the finest quintas of the island and also its gardens.

Cabo GiraoFew of the highlights of this place are The Mercado dos Lavradores, which is a colourful market of fresh products and hanidicrafts; 15th century cathedral; Adegas Sao Francisco wine cellars, museum and Quinta das Cruzes. Camacha, Camara de Lobos which is a picturesque fishing port, Cabo Girao, which is among the highest sea cliffs in the entire world and Sao Vicente, which is the most beautiful village on the island. While exploring this tourist destination you can try shopping here as well. You will get a number of shops that sells numerous attractive things. Special purchases like Madeira folk art are very popular where embroidery, tapestry and wickerwork could be bought. Do not forget to buy the famous Madeira wine. Head to the Mercado dos Lavradores near Old Town and enjoy your shopping experience. Close to the port you will get Bazar do Povo which is among the oldest shops.

Try the delicious cuisines here like sopa de tomate e cebola, espada and espetada. This place is really amazing so try to know its religion, population, culture and others. As it is located in the Portugal region that is in Western Europe or could be said as in Atlantic, the language spoken here is Portuguese. Almost all the religion is of Roman Catholic and enjoys republic government since 1910. About the population of this place it is 100,000. There are many low priced restaurants and bars are available at the city so make your accommodation and taste the food here. You will get reserved but warm hospitality so get pleasure from it and make you trip the best.

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