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South Pacific Sojourn and Cruise Pleasures

Relax in your cruises to the lovely land of Australia and New Zealand and set your travel trips on fire. Come here to this part of the world to New Zealand and enjoy the beauty of traveling in a land that gives you the best.

So the itinerary of the South Pacific Sojourn which starts in the month of December starts at Papeete in Tahiti in the Society Islands. It then proceeds to Bora Bora in the same region and then cruises the majestic Pacific Ocean, and then brings you to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

You reach the International Dateline and then cross the region of Lautoka in Fiji. Then you would again pass the Pacific and reach Auckland finally. Here you would disembark and enjoy the pleasures of being in a totally different land. So come here and enjoy what impresses you the most and enjoy the instructions on Pilates and other things which would really intrigue you. The Crystal cruise is a lovely combination of guest speakers and entertainers who give you the best experiences and allow you to know more from the famous writers and the celebrities who also share their insights here.

South Pacific sojourn cruises
You should book for these cruises by April 30, 2012 and you would get the most feasible fare. The fare is inclusive of all kinds of beverages like champagne, wine, premium spirits and also other non alcoholic beverages like bottled water, coffees, and soft drinks. Here you would also get the facilities of the dining staff and the bar staff and personal service here is all through the day. There is a personal Penthouse butler service and also enrichment workshops as mentioned above.

Pappeetee the French Polynesian capital is a greatly idyllic and calm town. There is an international airport here and also a boulevard with a wide waterfront. There are new buildings and there is a perfect trapping of a modern kind of civilization. The atmosphere is totally vibrant and the total mi of carefree island ways and beautiful European culture makes the ideal tours here. Also enjoy the sights of the beautiful galleries and boutiques which form the mainstay of the travels here and the Tahitian shopkeepers here are all dressed in a bright pareos and greet you with a lot of love and warmth. There is an open air market here which ensures that you are bustling with activity and that you are totally away from the humdrum of the town and with the small tiny villages totally tucked behind the verdant expanse the entire experience in South Pacific sojourn is a memorable deal.

The Bora Bora is a lovely island which is part of the cruises to this part of the world. With the most comfortable facilities the cruises here ensure that you get to see some of the most exotic locales. Come here in these south Pacific sojourn cruises and enjoy the sights of the 2000 foot high peaks that loom large over the entire lagoon. As they reflect their beauty in the beautiful blue waters, the thatched roof huts here only add to the beauty and provide you with a luxury not seen before. Colourful trucks and lovely glass bottomed boats take you around after you have landed here from the cruise ship. Get to see the best of the undersea creatures and learn all that you wanted to know about the existence below and bask in the pleasures of this glory.

Bora Bora island
Then there is a halt at the Rarotonga Island which is the main island of the Cook Group. This is a lovely chain and was so named revering the great Captain James Cook. This is a beautiful region covered with the best beaches and also has beautiful coral reefs here alongwith a lot of beautiful lagoons. The warm hospitality and the spontaneous welcome is a great tour experience here. The kind of culture here is an intrigue to the visitor and these have been retained since ages. Visiting this island is a part of the cruise itinerary and it is extremely exhilarating to be in these lands.

Rarotonga Island

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