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Sonesta Nile Cruises


Egypt is a wonderful land to cruise on and all tours to Egypt are filled with the greatest travel pleasures. This land of Pyramids, is one of the most fascinating tours across the world and this lovely African nation has a great deal to offer and would make sure that you go back totally satiated and content. So get into the surroundings of this blend of adventure and luxury and join the cruises on River Nile.

The Nile River Cruises give the tourists a chance to get to know about the villages in Egypt and the way they live. The lovely countryside coupled with the ancient lifestyle that is seen here is the main attraction here and the clay huts, and the fields add to the total experience. So as you manually use the animal carts as your vehicles you can also get to see the tourists enjoying sunbathing on the decks of the lovely ships here.

Sonesta Nile Cruises

Which cruise you take depends totally on you? So whether it is a long distance or a short distance cruise is entirely in your hands. The shorter trips are normally to Egypt and they last for three or four days. The Nile River Cruises that go in between Aswan and Luxor give the most fascinating travel delights. So whether it is the lovely cruise that you want to be in or the surroundings that you have to explore, you have it all and enjoy the pleasures of being in the most interesting travel experiences in this part of the world.

These cruises take you on trips to Carior and also introduce to the museums and other historical places that are a part of this place. Then you can go on that brief voyage to the southernmost part of the country Abu Simbel.

Any cruise on the Nile River would be really memorable. So if you are on the lookout for a lovely and relaxed vacation then come here in the Sonesta Nile River Cruise and experience the luxury and comfort of this lovely land of pleasure. Avail the huge ships that are also recognized as the luxury hotels. There are spacious rooms in the Sonesta Nile Cruises and you would also have a lot of delicious gourmet. Also ensure you go on the feluccas here. These are narrow boats which are not as luxurious but it is a greatly interesting experience. Here the sailors are the cooks and the charm and elegance of being in this cruise would remain etched in your mind forever.

Sonesta Nile Cruise interior

The Sonesta Cruises are a perfect way to enjoy the land of Egypt. So as you sal between the Aswan and Luxor regions do not forget to enjoy the lovely experienced on the Sonesta Sun Goddess, or the Sonesta Moon Goddess. Then you have the Sonesta Nile Goddess,the Sonesta Star Goddess and also the Sonesta St. George I. There are many cruises which give around 3 or 4 or 7 trips that are seen to cruise between Luxor and Aswan and these explore the temples in and around this place. There are magnificent ruins and tombs here which are so popular in this region. There are also guided excursions which highlight the greatness of Egypt and these are followed by more activities that are leisurely followed by the tourists coming here.

This beautiful and magnanimous hospitality is a lovely way of experiencing the best and the entire cruise is really very fascinating and nice. So enjoy this unforgettable journey that you would always thank yourself for. Here all the suites and cabins are non smoking. Sonesta Nile Cruises is a lovely cruise with a passenger capacity of around 66 or108 or 124 or 130. It has all the facilities of an air conditioned cabin and windows, telephone and private bathrooms with a tub. There are cabins with a lot of access to the internet.

You can also enjoy the recreation deck, pool, piano bar and the massage parlour which form the mainstay here. Enjoy the sights of the tombs and the ruins in Egypt and experience the best of the Sonesta Nile Cruises.

Pool at Sonesta Nile Cruises

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