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Tangier Island Cruise Pleasures


Come and enjoy the pleasures of being in the Tangier Island Cruise and enjoy the pleasures of being in this lovely island filled with the best sights and the most interesting travel delights. Come here and find this beautiful land situated in the centre of Chesapeake Bay. There is a fishing village here which is totally unspoilt and is a lovely land located in between the narrow streets and the fascinating quaint locals here which are a great sight in these memorable cruises. So just go back on time and visit the Tangier Islands and experience the pleasures of being in this beautiful ambience of water cruise experiences.

Called the ‘soft crab capital ‘ of this part of the world, Tangier cruises are away of living life with the soft tinge of Elizabethan touch and the warm, and friendly nature of the people living in the island. So come here and interact with these people and learn about their lifestyle and the way they live on the mainland. Spend time on Tangier Island and enjoy this visit by sea. Stay here overnight and enjoy the best and most cherishable bed and breakfast experiences. Go in one of those easily available ferries and enjoy the experience in this island which will remain your travel memories for a long time to come. People living here have a great love for the Chesapeake Bay and also enjoy interacting with each other.

Tangier Island Cruise

This interesting cruise leaves from Buzzard’s Point Marina every day at 10 in the morning. You can also cruise to Tangier Island from a place called Reedville Va which is aboard the “Chesapeake Bay”. Then you have the Breeze which leaves Tangier Island every day again at 10 and comes back at around 4 in the evening. Enjoy this lovely day on the Tangier C and the Chesapeake Bay. ‘

The crabs are very popular at Tangier Island and this is a place which has fishing as its main industrial attraction. The ship in the cruise is often seen passing the fishing boats that work their nets on the large ocean freighters which travel between Norfolk and Baltimore or many points beyond. There are many Tangier Island watermen who make have their existence here on the Bay. The ship dock at this island after the cruise gets over. This is a cruise filled with a half hour narration and is a very relaxing experience.

During the two and a half hour tour in the region, you would certainly love to eat the family style dinner and also the seafood available in the Cheaspeake House which is very popular here. Also you have other restaurants which are very common and familiar here. There are picnic areas where you can relax and also places where you get good sandwiches and gifts too. All these are conveniently and comfortably located.

Just go around this strange island and then take a tour of the region in the mini bus which is another lovely experience. Anyway you are sure to enjoy this trip of yours in the Tangier Island cruises.

The Breeze takes you around the place and gives you the utmost travel delights in these cruises. You can also travel across the Chesapeake Bay from the Crisfield coast or Maryland and then also take the ferry service that takes you around the island.

The trips are entirely the choice of the tourist and the choices are many. The Steven Thomas leaves Crisfield on special dates only at 12.30 p.m and reaches Tangier by 1.45 p.m. The Chesapeake breeze leaves the Tangier Island at around 2 in the afternoon and reaches Reedville at around 3.30 in the evening.

Tangier Island Cruise

The Chesapeake Breeze leaves Reedville at around 10 in the morning and reaches Tangier Island at around 11.30 in the morning. The Steven Thomas leaves the island at around 4 and reaches Crisfield at around 5 in the evening thus giving you lot of time to go around the island.

Tangier Island Cruises are very good and make a tour by cruise here very memorable and are therefore a must try.

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