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Nile River Cruises by Elegance of Egypt GOLD


Egypt is a land which is best traveled by the most comfortable cruises ad the most elegant luxury liners. This is one land which is a tourist’s favourite and is a traveller’s delight. The Elegance of Egypt GOLD is a Nile River cruise which is a lovely experience for all who travel by this lovely cruise.

On Day 1 depart from USA and board the flight. The second day  you arrive in Cairo. So welcome to Egypt the beautiful background for a perfect water travel. This is where you would be taken to the best hotels in town and also get the joy of being in this beautiful Greenland that is found in the middle of Egypt. This is one bustling region with a lot of activity and the most fascinating shops. So come here and enjoy the sights of the Nile river cruise. See the Great Pyramid of Giza which is one of the best surviving wonders of Ancient World and is a simply irresistible part of travels here in this land of Egypt.

Nile River Cruises

Go through these places and walk along the path that napoleon and Julius Caesar would have walked through. Come to the Egyptian Museum and see all the lovely exhibits which show exhibits from all periods of history. Come and see the treasure that has been recovered from the Tomb of Tutankhamen, and also see the lovely burial mask in this museum. Also there is a Sound and Light show here at the Pyramids which totally illuminates the Giza history.

Tomb of Tutankhamun

On the fourth day you can board a plane and you would reach the region of Aswan. Come here and take the pleasures of the Aswan High Dam, and enjoy the sight of the granite quarries which is where you would find the obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut’s which is found in the bedrock. One can also cross the River Nile by motorboat and reach the Philae Island Complex and enjoy the pleasures here. Then take a traditional sailing boat and go on the relaxing cruise on the felucca, which takes you around the Kitchener Island. The sights at the Aswan’s Botanical Gardens are another beautiful experience to reckon with. As you go on with your luxury cruise, you would be welcome with totally new surroundings with original artwork from Egypt and brass lanterns that are handcrafted well. Enjoy a folklore show that is shown with a live Nubian band playing music.

Aswan High Dam

On the fifth day go on board the MS Tosca and get to see the lovely sights by the pool and take an excursion and see the amazing Abu Simbel temples. The Kom Ombo temple is a lovely sight as you approach the riverside and totally unique to Egypt this is a place that is dedicated to Horus the falcon headed God and the crocodile God Sobek. There are displays of mummified versions and this is a total delight to all those who come here.

Kom Ombo temple

The sixth day also you would  board the MS Tosca and explore the temple of Horus which is dedicated to the Falcon God. Also go to the beautiful Luxor temple which has been beneath the streets of this region which was unearthed sometime in the year 1860 by Auguste Mariette.

Temple of Horus

The seventh day sees you reaching Cairo which gives you the cruise pleasures of being in an air conditioned coach which is bound for the necropolis of the ancient city of Thebes lying on the west bank. Here you would get to see the Colossi of Memnon, and also the Amenhotep III which are two huge seated figures. This Amenhotep once protected the mortuary temple. See the temple of Hatsheput and find this rare female Pharaoh which would help you to continue to the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of the Kings is the place where the treasure of Tutankhamen was found. Visit some of the best tombs of the Pharaohs. The entire Nile River cruise sightseeing ends here in Luxor, which is amidst the lovely gigantic columns of Karnak, and the sphinx avenues which are the major feature here. The largest temple in the entire world Hypostyle Hall is found here and then you could proceed to go to the airport to take your flight back to Cairo.

Colossi of Memnon

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